What is a bird of paradise plants | Artiplanto

What Is a Bird of Paradise Plants and Why Should You Have One at Home?

If gorgeous, tropical and flamboyant are the three words that you yearn to resonate with your home decor, look no further than a Bird of Paradise plant. It is often...
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The 7 Best Artificial Plants of 2019

The 7 Best Artificial Plants of 2019

Whether you are looking to add that charming factor with a faux plant or spruce things up with some simple additions; but not sure how to start when it comes...
Alexandru Popa
perfect guide how to buy artificial plants

The perfect guide to buying fake plants for your home and office

We all love plants, they fill our home and office with bursts of creativity and serenity, promoting a spirit of well-being.  Let’s admit it, not all of us are naturally inclined...
benefits for having artificial plants in office

Key benefits why you should have artificial plant in the office

Scientific studies have proven that installing plants bring several benefits to any workplace. Plants also help add that connection — to nature, break the monotony of beige and grey shades...
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