Artiplanto are a fast-growing artificial plant brand, with teams based in Montreal and New York.

Providing high-quality, premium-grade faux plants outdoors and indoors for interior design and home décor, we have worked with hundreds of experts and designers in delivering the best in artificial greenery.


Artiplanto are the experts in the design of artificial plants. In a very short time, we have set the standard in offering some of the most realistic faux plants on the market. Carefully done true-to-life detail in every plant.

The Artiplanto Artificial Plants Collection is available in the United States and Canada to consumers, decorators, and interior designers.

The ‘Art’ in Artiplanto stands for two things. Artificial plants, of course. Also, artistic. Artiplanto maintains a strong focus on artful design that’s creative, accurate in design detail, and highly innovative.

The buzz grew exceptionally quickly for Artiplanto artificial plants and this led us down new pathways.

Through this rapid growth on the faux plant front, we worked with our in-house design team on complementary home décor items, such as planters made from cement, bamboo, and brass. Then, in 2020, Artiplanto also launched its exclusive rug collection featuring linen and wool rugs. Both categories continue to gain buzz and have helped us open up new avenues to feature artificial plants and home décor accessories.

Artiplanto continues to broaden its success, with our premium rugs at warehouse pricing becoming a major hit among consumers.

In 2021, we expanded our operations to all of Europe with

ArtiPlanto remains one of the fastest growing artificial plant and décor companies in the world. It’s our aim to continue to expand and bring our premium-grade products to consumers worldwide.


Artiplanto is a North American-based artificial plant design firm, selling high-quality faux plants from a variety of styles.

Since 2019, we have been involved in design and sale of fake plants across the continent. Specializing in artificial plants, we promise a level of quality you will not see buying plants on Amazon, HomeSense, Wayfair, or from other brands that do not specialize.

In the past few years, we have continued to grow our brand in a growing category. Artificial houseplants have experienced a surge of popularity amidst busy millennials, home décor enthusiasts, and interior design firms.


As passionate plant lovers, Artiplanto was born out of a desire to share that passion with others.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb. Furthermore, a lot of people are plain busy. Traveling for work, studying or working long hours, and priorities that cut down on your time to maintain what’s around the house. For these people and others, taking care of a real plant is unachievable.

As a startup, we began with the hope of providing any person with the chance to enjoy faux plants outdoors and indoors as they see fit.

Everything we design, these artificial plants require no ongoing care. No watering. No special temperature or climate settings. No need for sunlight. You buy it. You place it. You forget it. It’s simple.


  • Be honest. We hold our employees, business partners, and marketing to a high standard. Artiplanto believes in integrity, honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness in every context.
  • Be quality. We don’t believe in low-quality goods. Everything in our store is premium in material and design.
  • Be bold. We aren’t afraid to do things a little differently if it means a better product or a better result. Artiplanto continually fosters innovation and encourages creativity in our design teams, an approach that regularly nets impressive results.
  • Be ethical. We use ethically-sourced materials, partnering with initiatives and makers worldwide in order to spread the benefits of our designs and offer the best possible product.
  • Be eco-friendly. It is central to our brand that what we do is with environmental sustainability in mind. Every opportunity we have to make the world a better place, we’ll take it.


Artiplanto continues to support its design teams, providing us with brand-exclusive designs that continue to make waves in the industry.

We also have been fortunate to work with a number of interior design teams in cities like Montreal, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago, Calgary, Houston, and everywhere in-between.

As we continue to expand, we hope to support more interior design firms and provide them products they can’t find elsewhere.


Artiplanto has yet to conquer the world. In the years to come, we hope to continue building the infrastructure that’s needed to bring faux plants, planters, rugs, and more to consumers in countries all over.

It’s no secret that there is a growing market for high-quality artificial plants and trees, rugs for kitchens and living rooms, and other home décor elements. Artiplanto continues to answer the call!

Artiplanto wants to be the go-to name for custom, premium, and handmade products in this category.


Though we offer a widened collection of looks, all of our styles boil down to minimalist, contemporary home décor.

This is how we craft our plants, in addition to our planters which are available in cement, brass, and natural. Even with our carefully woven linen and wool rugs, the designs embrace modern minimalism.


A large part of why Artiplanto exists as a company is because we did not feel ‘quality’ was a priority in the making of most artificial plants.

What you’ll find on many online stores or shopping at the mall are cheaply made plastic plants that aren’t anywhere near as detailed as they could be. These are quickly-designed, commercially-produced knock-offs that are hardly nice to look at.

When you buy a faux plant online from Artiplanto, what you receive at your front step is 100% quality. We use carefully selected materials designed to last a lifetime. The detail is often handcrafted and handpainted. Design teams in New York and Montreal invest significant time ensuring true-to-life detail is captured in every inch.


Where can you get Artiplanto products? is where to shop. Find premium faux plants and other home décor pieces that suit any look, style, and aesthetic for your home or business.


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