The 7 Best Artificial Plants of 2019

The 7 Best Artificial Plants of 2019

Whether you are looking to add that charming factor with a faux plant or spruce things up with some simple additions; but not sure how to start when it comes to decorating? Artificial plants are the best choice — as they add natural beauty to any bland and boring decor. 

Faux plants are more beautiful than ever in 2019 and it is a fabulous choice, you cannot resist. Especially if you do not have a green thumb or ever ended up killing plants. It is one of those decisions that once you make the commitment there is no going back. As faux greenery is all about coordinating — sophistication, colour and texture. 

There are many options out there, however when it comes to choosing the best you sometimes need to follow expert advice. Below are the top seven recommendations to help choose only the best artificial plants of 2019. These may seem like a simple pick; however they can instantly transform, any decor with a few simple faux plants. 

Fiddle Leaf 

It’s growing popularity makes it one of the most wanted faux plant of 2019. They are real charmers for any decor arrangement; as this tropical plant is available in various sizes, small, thick thick, tall versions etc. 

Spider Plant

This is the most common faux plant as it blends in perfectly with any interior decor. Further the varied tones of the plant helps inject freshness and colour instantly. It is also a great way to add dimension, texture and enhance vertical spaces. 

Aloe Vera 

There is no other artificial plant that resonates a more bolder fashion statement. It is a great plant for smaller spaces as it transforms the area with ease and with not a lot of effort. 


If colour and variation is what your decor demands — this faux plant can pull it all together with ease. Flaunting freedom this bright artificial plant is a great way to evoke freshness and a ray of sunlight. 


This faux plant is one of the few decor items which brings light to a dark room and projects natural light almost instantly. It best compliments earthy hues, which makes it a popular choice to decorate an office space. 


Commonly also known as the Peace Lily — this faux plant displays elegance and style with its glossy green leaves and white blossoms. If you are looking to make a statement the Spathiphyllum is unique and creative as it adds Flower Power to any decor. 


Available in varied tones of green and yellow this faux plant complements a wide range of interiors. This is one of the unforgettable decor additions, which has evolved with time and is also known as the snake plant

Hope you enjoy our selection of the best artificial plants of 2019. After you make the choice that best suits your style — it’s time to understand that less is more when it comes to decorating. As faux plants bring a fresh start while reflecting a modern style statement when done right.

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