Scientific studies have proven that installing plants bring several benefits to any workplace. Plants also help add that connection — to nature, break the monotony of beige and grey shades while making any work atmosphere more inviting and productive. 

Real plants are always the best solution, however sometimes choosing artificial plants may be an ideal option — as they do not demand a lot of upkeep or sunlight which is often scarce in office spaces. Furthermore installing artificial plants in a workplace is a timeless and a cost efficient decision. 

We all have a desire to be connected with nature, unfortunately we spend most of our days  in workplaces and tend to be stripped of our connection to natural environments.

Here are the top 5 reasons, you need plants in your office. 

  • Improve Ambiance

Ambiance is key to productivity, which is a universally known fact. The idea that an office space should be packed with grey, beige tones shouting monotony, has become a thing of the past. As the old fashioned cubicles are fading away and the modern office concepts are taking over. The modern work ambiance is all about, grand features such as — tall artificial plants to create green spaces that help calm the mind and improve the office vibe. 

  • Increased well-being

There is a direct relation between well-being and productivity. This is the main reason why every work environment today focuses on boosting employee well-being. Increased well-being also helps to lower absenteeism, reduce sickness and further boosting employee morale as a long term goal. Artificial plants are the most popular choice to enhance office decor, as this is one of the best ways to introduce a better sense of well-being to your office. 

  • Reduced Stress

We are all surrounded by stress in our lives. Stress can directly impact work productivity.  Many work environments are conducive of high stress levels. Using artificial office plants can greatly help to lower stress levels. To create a more stress-free zone more and more work spaces are creating green spaces with the help of faux plants. Some of the most popular artificial plants which are used to create a plant in the coffee or break area; bird of paradise plant, fiddle leaf as they add a vibrant touch with their thick evergreen foliage. 

  • Increased Creativity

Many studies show that plants aid creativity. A great and easy way to add a creative charm to any workplace, well-placed artificial green walls and floor faux floor plants, a few colourful pots dangling from the ceiling with artificial hanging plants or succulents lined up on work desks. 

  • Long-term value 

When it comes to value for money, artificial plants are the most efficient way to beautify any work space or environment. Introducing the right kind of artificial plants and trees in your office decor can help boost the ambiance which would lead to a more functional and profitable business. 

Integrating artificial plants in any workspace design could be one of the best investments. They not only serve as decor pieces that brighten spaces but they also help in adding an overall inspiring touch of green. Great for employee retention! 

andrew lu