We all love plants, they fill our home and office with bursts of creativity and serenity, promoting a spirit of well-being. 

Let’s admit it, not all of us are naturally inclined at taking care of a real plants and keeping them alive. That’s why artificial plants exist!

We all have seen faux plants evolve with time. They used to be tacky and very fake looking (some still look very fake, not all faux plants are created equally) but today, placing the right artificial plant in the right space can make your home and office just look - extravagant. 

Another reason faux plants are an appealing prospect for people who lack the ability to take care of real plants is they do not demand a lot of maintenance and are available in a wide price range and variety to blend in any home and office decor.  

Here’s a few expert tips and tricks on how to pick artificial plants both for your home and office. We are hoping this will help you nail the dream decor you have in mind. 


Never compromise on the quality of the faux plants you choose. They are a long term investment, so before buying make sure the quality of the material is top notch. Sometimes the cheaper artificial plants might seem like a tempting choice but compromising on quality is not always the best option for your decor, especially if you will be looking at the plant every single day.

When searching for quality plants for your home the Monstera plant tops the list. It is also known as the Swiss cheese plant because of its large holes. Our faux Monstera plants have what it takes to bring summer in your home all year long, as it radiates a tropical warmth with its glossy leaves and stems. 


A very popular/trending choice right now is a Bird Of Paradise plant!  Especially an oversized one like our Dani, Zapo or Maza!  A smaller one like our Boho or Lola can be a great options as well.

Nothing resonates positive motivation out loud and boldly like a Fiddle Leaf Plant in an office space. When paired perfectly with our baskets and planters this plant takes any office decor to the next level with its lush leaves and detailed stem which are quite mesmerizing. 


While choosing any artificial plant, always understand the theme of the decor, the vision you have in mind. Minimalist or maximalist? Airy or busy?  Do you want dark green for your snake plants or yellow and light green?

Colourful faux plants add an instant glow to any home. Choose bright coloured arrangements if you are looking to add pop and just uplift your home decor.

Add some excitement to the work place with smaller artificial plants or an oversized faux Bird Of Paradise Plant might do the trick. Match our plants with our planters or baskets to get a beautiful boho or mid century modern look. Also if you are having a hard time deciding on a faux plant for the your office,  a Cactus adds a great rustic and modern touch. 


Exotic faux plants like our Agave trees and Aloe trees or even the Palm trees look great in an office setting. If you can, try placing the faux plant next to natural light to  create an even more authentic look. 

Choosing the right artificial plant for your home and office is a fun task that will have a long term reward, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what looks not only good, but gives you that "wow" feeling you're looking for.