How to Spot Faux Plants That Do Not Look Fake? | Artiplanto

How to spot faux plants that do not look fake?

To be a responsible plant owner takes a serious skill and effort and not all of us have a green thumb, some of us just choose faux plants that look...
Alexandru Popa
Are fake plants good for Feng Shui? | Artiplanto

Are fake plants good for Feng Shui?

Besides improving aesthetics, artificial plants are becoming one of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere in a home or office. As they are better than a real plants...
Alexandru Popa
How to use artificial bamboo tree for your interior landscape projects ?

How to Use Artificial Bamboo Tree for Your Interior Landscape Projects ?

Artificial plants are becoming an important part of decoration especially when it comes to planning interior landscape projects. As they help create a calm space and natural way to relax....
Alexandru Popa