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Article: What Is a Bird of Paradise Plants and Why Should You Have One at Home?

What is a bird of paradise plants | Artiplanto
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What Is a Bird of Paradise Plants and Why Should You Have One at Home?

If gorgeous, tropical and flamboyant are the three words that you yearn to resonate with your home decor, look no further than a Bird of Paradise plant. It is often mistaken for a banana plant as they both have lustrous green foliage but its distinct flower distinguishes the two easily. 

Birds of Paradise are large, beautiful plants which relatively have a bold tropical flair to add an exotic charm to any home. Although there is nothing better than owning a real bird of paradise plant they can be difficult to upkeep. 

However a faux bird of paradise plant just makes the best of both worlds as they brings the natural charm without having to worry about upkeep. Read on to find out how a faux Bird of Paradise plant is a must have for any home. 


Every home has an ambiance which reflects a very welcoming spirit for your guests. A Bird of Paradise plant is one of the many natural looking plants that helps create an ambiance that will scream style with subtle tones of glamour.

Choosing the right size Bird of Paradise can transform any indoor ambiance. They are available in varied sizes and come in 6 feet and above. Further the broad, arching leaves of the Bird of Paradise plants creates a dramatic, yet graceful statement. The unique flower of the plant makes it very popular, when it comes to decorate a home. 

Enjoy Brightness 

If your home yearns some natural light they make the right choice — as the Bird of Paradise is a tropical plant, which resonates natural sunlight to any home. 

To enhance any indoor space choose the spot wisely and place the Bird of Paradise plant strategically to get the most light. The best room to place them for a natural ambiance is in the sun room; as they mimic the appearance of a real Bird of Paradise plant and add that wow factor to your home. 

Pet Friendly

Although pets are great around most plants. A Bird of Paradise plant can be toxic if consumed by pets. 

There is nothing more rewarding than bringing the natural beauty of a Bird of Paradise plant indoors, where your pets can unwind. Although the real plant may be toxic the faux plant is the best solution. 

Bird of paradise is a stunning tropical plant and a very popular houseplant when it comes to choosing a faux plant. As it helps to create a perfect landscape plant in frost-free tropics. 

Further they are a great investment as houseplants, as they add elegance with the bold textural foliage. White bird of paradise, in particular, is perfect for adding vertical presence to a room it is also a great choice to fill empty corners or breaking up an expanse of empty wall. 

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