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Article: Are fake plants good for Feng Shui?

Are fake plants good for Feng Shui? | Artiplanto
artificial bamboo

Are fake plants good for Feng Shui?

Besides improving aesthetics, artificial plants are becoming one of the best ways to create a welcoming atmosphere in a home or office. As they are better than a real plants in many ways — further according to feng shui principles faux plants also have the power to create a nourishing and positive atmosphere.But like plants there are so many artificial plants so it is very important to choose the right artificial plants that are good for feng shui energy, read on to follow certain guidelines to follow. 

When decorating with artificial plants they resonate the energy of one particular feng shui element: wood.  According to feng shui the wood element — brings a compelling energy which flourishes growth in any space. Further it inspires compassion, kindness and green color which is associated with healing. Plants that are great for feng shui are soft with rounded leaves are typically best, as they promote a gentle, nourishing energy. 

Areca Palm 

If you are looking to purify the ambiance in your decor an Areca Palm faux plant is a great addition and mimics the real plant. They are usually large and have a great fan-like leaves. It is a great plant and looks well whether the space is bright or indirect light.   


If there is a plant that represents growth and adaptability, there is nothing better than a Bamboo faux plant. According to feng shui, for a plant to bring good vibes the strength of numbers is very crucial — as it has a symbolic importance. Although a Bamboo plant is great but if you want to  choose Bamboo stalks, always pick two or more as this symbolizes nourishment associated to influence love, further three stocks symbolize nourishment and happiness.  


Although there is a huge variety of ferns — Boston ferns are the best. As it is very easy to care for and a great addition as an indoor plant, which makes this faux plant a great solution whether the space is well lit or not. Also they are available in petite size, which makes them perfect for small spaces or even as hanging plants. 

Golden Pothos

This artificial plant is a great way to add abundance, dimension, and life to all corners. Golden Pothos is an instant solution to add vertical depth with large lush leaves and variegated colors which brings a wild flair. 


If  succulents is what your decor yearns — Jade is the best artificial plant. Many love this plant not just because of the feng shui benefits, but the beautiful rounded leaves of this plant. Jade is also known as the money plant, as it resembles a soft, lush appearance. 

Finally, faux plants promote good feng shui energy. Just be sure to choose the high-quality artificial plants to receive all feng shui benefits. As its all about the appearance when it comes to feng shui and dead plants bring in negative energy so keep you plants clean and looking flawless to reap the most positive energy.

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