To be a responsible plant owner takes a serious skill and effort and not all of us have a green thumb, some of us just choose faux plants that look real — are so much more convenient and often better in many ways than the real deal. 

If you are someone who has tried out real plants and they have died on your watch fake plants are the best solution. Further anyone can care for faux plants as they do not demand too much upkeep and are an easy way to bring some greenery in your decor. 

Read on for our hand-picked recommendations of some of the very best indoor faux plants that look so real, you may forget that they are fake. 

Palm tree

You will feel like you have adopted a tropical theme in your decor, once you make a faux palm tree a part of your indoor decor. Also get a bigger and taller tree as this helps to make a bold statement and blends in really well.


Looking to add a bohemian dessert twist to your home or office? Choose a medium or large succulent as this not only creates an elegant ambiance, but uplifts your decor scene to the next level. 

Hanging Vine plant 

Long and luscious vines bring a charm that cannot be matched by anything when it comes to adding a splash of instant greenery to your indoor decor by using faux plants. Always go for a vine plant that is UV resistant and waterproof to mimic the appearance of the real deal and look flawless for a lifetime. 

Banana tree

Whether you choose to place this tree, next to your couch or bed its broad and elegant leaves make an elegant statement that cannot be matched by anything else. 


If your indoor decor yearns calmness, peace then a potted bamboo tree is the most ideal solution — as it brings a sense of relaxation almost instantly to any decor. 

Say goodbye to the endless efforts you need to put into watering, pruning and feeding real plants when you will eventually kill them and embrace the charm of endless greenery with the artificial plants. 

Alexandru Popa