When it comes to decorating any office space the trendiest plant in the game, without any doubt is the Fiddle Leaf Plant. Nothing makes the fashion statement like — it’s majestic glossy green foliage and dramatic branches which adorn any office space almost instantly. 

Here are five beautiful ways to help you decorate with faux fiddle leaf plants, especially when it comes to an office.


An office that is decorated with many patterns, colours and furniture can look very busy and chaotic. This is when the fiddle leaf plant can act as the perfect anchor bringing calmness and beauty to your space. 

Bridge a gap 

We tend to spend more time in our office, so it is important to create an atmosphere that fosters a great working environment. Although it may sound difficult; however, when it comes to bridging the gap — the fiddle leaf plant is a great choice. A simple wicker basket paired with the fiddle leaf plant helps bridge the gap between a modern, sophisticated yet welcoming charm to any office space. 

It looks great in the front porch or near the front desk area making a bold fashion statement. It also helps to fill the empty space and lifts your eyes up off the floor whether it is the meeting room or the lunch room. 


Every office has a specific colour scheme that defines its identity subtly. Adding a fiddle leaf plant to your office decor will help emphasize that colour scheme. One of our recommendations while decorating any workspace is choose an accent colour. Next repeat it to create a balance, which the fiddle leaf plant can compliment. 

Focal point 

Creating a focal point in any workspace is very important as it creates a welcoming atmosphere. A tall fiddle leaf plant peeking around a wall or in between two rooms helps create a beautiful sight line. Further the majestic foliage of the plant softens the rigid windows, door frame and wall edges. 

Fill an empty corner  

Managing empty corners in a work space can be tricky when decorating. Placing a fiddle leaf plant in the corner helps to fill an empty corner with a great accent. It also helps to create a perfect balance with its dense foliage. 

When it comes to decorating an office space there are a variety of faux plants; but nothing does justice like the fiddle leaf plant. A potted fiddle leaf plant has a lot of potential when it is incorporated in an office decor correctly. Furthermore a fiddle leaf plant is a must have while decorating any office space; as it helps to amplify the sophisticated elegant look we all love!

Alexandru Popa