Plants enhance every part of our life, they also have the ability to improve health and relationships. 

Whether we are aware of the role plants play in lives or not. Feng Shui — the ancient Chinese art claims how they enhance, every part of our lives. Although real plants are always the preference, artificial or faux plants may also be a suitable option. 

But what exactly is good Feng Shui? As the art teaches people how to balance energies in different spaces in a home or in the office. 

While real plants have the positive impact; however they demand and lot of upkeep and often may be hectic to manage with our fast paced lifestyles. Also dying and dried plants bring bad energy. This is why faux plants are becoming a rising trend as they are immortal. 


Colours play a very important role in Feng Shui as they help to energize any space. So if you are planning to incorporate colours that will enhance the environment — yellow is a great colour for the walls as it can influence better health and physical being. 


After colour placement is key, as Feng Shui focuses on balancing natural light in the decor. Always make sure to wisely place artificial plants in a spot where natural light falls to enhance the space. 

Further as artificial plants only need minimal maintenance, you can incorporate in your current interior by following simple Feng Shui principles. 

Natural Aesthetic 

Always choose artificial plants with a green leafy foliage that are not only smooth; as they can best mimic the aesthetic appearance of the real plants but also add visual appeal. Some of the best recommendations are Fiddle Leaf Plant, or a Banana Tree.  

Avoid the succulents like cacti; as it is considered a bad plant. According to Feng Shui all plants should have rounded leaves and rich colours that impact to boost a positive vibes. When looking for variety choose flowering plants that add a blooming effect to any landscape.

Keep your artificial plants clean

Having dirty plants will eliminate the positive energy we all yearn for; cleaning artificial plants will help enhance the Feng Shui in the workplace or home. Potted artificial plants are the best option, as they are easy to move around. 

Use a faux bamboo tree 

A bamboo tree, grows very fast and symbolizes growth. It is also known to attract adaptability and flexibility; as it has a simple and long lifespan. 

Use artificial bamboo plants for Feng Shui

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, Artificial plants will be able to deliver the best landscape to any decor. But for the most part, the main reason artificial plants are introduced into a home or workplace from a Feng Shui perspective is for the natural wood elemental energy that they bring.

Alexandru Popa