Artificial plants have evolved and come a long way over the years. They have become a popular first choice when it comes to decorating homes and offices because they are cost effective and very easy to maintain. 

While it is very obvious to care for real plants you need — a sufficient amount of water, sunlight and time — when it comes to caring for artificial plants things are much more simple. Artificial plants are available in different sizes, shapes and colours, they won't outgrow your home or die on you.

how to maintain artificial plants

Although compared to real plants; artificial plants demand a lot less maintenance, it is important to follow a few weekly routines, to make sure you extend their lifespan. 


The first step is all about understanding; how to clean your faux plants? As how you clean will not just prevent damage, but help the plants look flawless overtime. 

It is recommended that you start by spraying an artificial plant cleaner. Choosing the right cleaner depends on the type of the plant and there is a huge variety of options available in the market. After you spray the cleaner, gently brush all dust particles that may stick to the foliage.

Next use a damp cloth and wipe everything down. If you have small faux plants it is a good practice to remove them from the pots and use warm soapy water to clean thoroughly. 

If you have artificial plants that are made of silk; before you start cleaning the whole plant to avoid damage while using chemical cleaner — test a small patch. If everything looks great and there is no discolouration spray the whole silk faux plant and clean thoroughly. 


Colour and texture are the most important features that add elegance to artificial plants. However overtime all faux plants discolor if not maintained properly. The best way to prevent discolouration in artificial plants is by spraying them with a sunblock. 

This may not sound right but this simple trick can save a lot of money and help care for your plants; especially if they are placed next to windows or placed on the patio and are exposed to sunlight for a long duration of time. 

Using sunblock once every few weeks, also helps to maintain the original colour and shine of the plants for a long time. 


Like your expensive dishes look more extravagant once they are shined, when done right your artificial plants will look like new for days. The process is not as difficult as you may think; all you need is a microfibre cloth some warm soapy water, a small brush and some rubbing alcohol. 

After you remove all the dust, spray your faux plants with sunblock which will add shine and help preserve their beauty furthermore, adding that long lasting wow factor to your artificial plants. 

If you are investing in high quality artificial plant, occasional maintenance is key! 

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