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Article: 2019's indoor artificial plant trends for your office

indoor artificial plant trend for office

2019's indoor artificial plant trends for your office

Designing an office can be challenging, especially if you want to create a unique style that is subtle yet stunning. Everything from the furniture to landscaping, accessories, colour scheme reflects the identity of the company. 

Every office space, should ideally have a welcoming ambiance while reflecting an energetic, positive vibe. As bad decor can impact productivity and employee morale. The best way to almost instantly add creative and visual appeal to an office space is by choosing the right faux plants.  

Artificial plants have been a prominent feature for a long time when it comes to designing office interiors. With time, like colour and furniture, faux plant trends are also evolving. They can be used as a small accent or as the main feature which adds character to any office space. 

Bold is not just beautiful it's the in-trend in 2019 when it comes to choosing indoor artificial plants for your office. Here’s a list of top five indoor plant trends that promise to create a bold statement in any office. 

Creating a unique yet creative spot in your office, does not have to be pricey or too much work - selecting an artificial bamboo plant can a good choice. An artificial bamboo plant is a very popular choice, as many believe it to be a symbol of luck and prosperity.  Or add a touch of the desert in your office with a tall cactus plant. 

If your office space idolizes style, there is nothing more stylish like an olive tree. It’s simple yet elegantly makes a million dollar impression in any office setting.  

When choosing the best indoor faux plant for your office always make sure to keep in mind these simple tips below. 

  • Attention to detail: Look for unique details when considering a faux plant. Every little detail matters such as; the texture, the colour and the shape of the leaves. 
  • Simplicity is key: There is nothing wrong with choosing a more minimalist plant design. Our more simple designs are of course faster to clean.
  • Embrace Imperfection: Every plant is different and sometimes the difference is what makes the imperfection attractive. Choosing a faux plant with irregularities, variation in colour and a little asymmetry is not a bad idea. 
  • Choose the pot wisely: Investing in a pot is a great long term decision. A vibrant colour, size or shaped pot can make a huge difference. 
  • Placement: Sometimes where you place the faux plant in an office space helps make the right impression. 

Faux plants are becoming more and more inclusive in every office decor, as people are changing their mindset. Today artificial plants, have become an inevitable addition. One of the many reasons faux plants are a great investment; they add a creative and inspiring splash and are cost efficient, timeless. 

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