When it comes to home decor in 2020 , artificial plants are in the spotlight. If you are looking to create that perfect harmony and bring both a modern, sleek look in your home — faux plants might be the best solution. 

While there is no better alternative than real plants; there are many perks that come with adding faux plants to your home. They are a safe, resilient way to add style and organic texture. As there is a wide range of options, choosing the right artificial plants can be a daunting task, however when done right it is a timeless investment. 

Compared to 2019, this year elegant foliage are the buzzwords on the block when it comes to finding that perfect faux plant. Here’s a list of 2020’s top 5 trendiest artificial plants and some quick tips to further enhance, freshen up any home almost instantly. 

There is nothing more that combines elegance and style better than the Fiddle Leaf Plant. Its evergreen dark foliage creates a perfect contrast in every home. Standing tall with re-shapeable stems the fiddle leaf plant will exceed all expectations.

Bird of Paradise plant is the next most popular addition. It helps create the perfect relaxing atmosphere while adding a vibrant touch with its thick evergreen foliage, making it a very attractive ornamental plant.

Oversized lush green foliage and vivid hues is the reason Monstera is a favourite of many. It is often used in homes to set that bold statement as a centrepiece in the living room. 

A faux Bamboo plant helps to achieve the same feeling of serenity like the real plant. It is a popular choice around the world as it has an instant asian flair, which practically compliments with any decor. 

Smaller artificial Aloe plants help bring elegance more easily than the real thing. When planted in bowls and planters, aloe plants can enhance any home decor.  

Below are some quick tips to add an elegant flair with some simple additions to all faux plants in 2020

  • Moss: Artificial moss is available in many forms. The moss mat and rocks are great additions to any plant. Add a glamorous texture to any faux plant of your choice, by adding some decorative moss. For a clean and flawless look pad the top and create a natural texture. 
  • Branches: Separate all leafy stems and scatter them the way you like to ensure they look vibrant. 
  • Eliminate dust:  Dust is always the worst enemy for all faux plants. Make sure to dust all leaves, regularly to help improve the lifespan of your faux plants. Clean weekly with a damp rag and and a bit of rubbing alcohol.
  • Pots: Use all kinds, shapes, dimensions, and colors to add glamour instantly.  

With the above mentioned tips you have all of the information that you need in 2020 to help adopt the greenest and trendiest decor for your home!

andrew lu