There is no denying that succulents have made a big come back in 2020 — they have a way to subtly bring a creative charm with ease to any decor. Read on to learn more about some easy to care and styling possibilities to help add a wow factor to an office desk cactus. Our top four ways to rock artificial cactus styling are adorable. 


There is a lot of power in numbers — this is the great styling option to develop a creative space that will become timeless. The best way to flaunt an artificial cactus in a cluster is by pairing coloured varieties in a decorative pot. If you want to charm the window alongside your desk it’s ideal to invest is some colourful planters or choose cactus with bright coloured flowers which make a bold statement. 


Large and elegant are the words to keep in mind when you are thinking of decorating your desk or small office space with a cactus. Don’t be afraid to choose a large plant as it will help to create a focal point in the room as well as help you make a bold yet creative expression. 


There is nothing more charming to glance at, than some beautiful potted cactus plants. While choosing potted plants always go for something small as you can use artistic pots to remove the bland pots and use as accessory to suit your style statement.The best pots to choose are terracotta or ceramic pots as they are affordable and blend in well to match any decor.


This is by far the best way to display cactus in a small office space or on the desk and it looks modern. The best way to flaunt a cactus in a terrarium is by adding some pop with a combination of rocks, dirt and some shells. 

Whether you are a big fan of desk plants or like something perky and unique to make a bold yet creative statement on your work desk artificial cactus is the go to plant when it comes to transforming your space in 2020. 

Alexandru Popa