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Article: How to style with artificial cactus indoor?

How to style with artificial cactus indoor? | Artiplanto
artificial cactus

How to style with artificial cactus indoor?

If for some reason your home yearns the cool charm and nothing seems to fill the indoor plant itch — an artificial cactus is the safest bet. It is artificial yet reflects the persona of the real thing in a more elegant and there is so much variety and colourful options to select from. 

Further an artificial cactus plant is becoming a booming trend in 2020 and a must have accessory that won’t go out of style. It is also affordable which makes it the perfect way to add the cool element to any decor. The trick lies in creating a display that adds a wow factor very subtly, yet stands out. Read on to know a few pro tips on how to style a faux cactus


As artificial cactus plants bring such a positive vibe in any space use them wisely to create a focal point. In order to do this arranging faux cactus plants is key to create a statement piece. Always arrange succulents like cacti in groups of three. Always keep your cactus dust free, as this will help to create a realistic and fresh looking. Once you have the arrangement taken care of the next step is to place them in areas where you would place real plants. 

Mixed Pots

Add interest and variety to your decor by using a pots and planters of different sizes and shapes. Mixing things up is always a great way to add texture, size, material and colour for a classic yet modern touch with a cluster of different pots. Keep things simple and as rustic as possible — ceramic pots, woven baskets and terracotta planters work very well with cactus to blend well indoors. 


There are about 1,800 different species of cacti out there, which means there are a lot of options to choose from to decorate with. You can transform every room to match different  colours, shapes and styles – this will add interest almost instantly. If you are looking for something a little more conventional, silver torch cactus is a great option. 


Go big or go home is the key phrase when it comes to style indoor artificial cactus plants. Bigger faux cactus plants have a certain charm to add dimension to any space. Especially if you have elegant high ceilings in the office or at work large faux plants work really well. Also full of colour and pattern large artificial cactus plants blend well with all styles of decor. 

Artificial cactus and succulents offer all the beauty and style of a real plant but without the hassle, maintenance and hard work. So keep things simple to help their elegant style statement shine. 

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