Biophilic design is based around how we incorporate nature into built environments. It utilizes nature-inspired materials and design features to emphasize the relationship between human beings and our natural inclination to be with nature.

Although not real, artificial plants such as the Hawaii Kwai palm tree, can be used in biophilic design rather successfully. Fake plants like this do not require watering, light, climate, or temperature preferences which also makes them the perfect décor for any home or office. Here is everything you need to know on how to use faux plants like a palm tree to highlight a biophilic design.

By A Window

Natural sunlight fills the room. Let it. Open the windows. Allow the sun to reach in. To take things even further, create displays by the sun with faux plants and other materials. This will invite attention outdoors.

Balance Is Common

Biophilic design can utilize the more chaotic arrangements of nature to set up plants or it sometimes relies on a more balanced approach. You can use faux plants like the artificial fiddle leaf plant in more landscaped ways. Balance often means pairs of plants equidistant apart or minimalist-inspired separations between plants.

Chaos Comes In Shapes

Alternatively, you can take things in a more chaotic direction. This doesn’t mean messy. You can set up artificial plants chaotically simply by varying their shape and height.

An artificial olive tree, for example, can find a controlled yet chaotic placement inside a collection of tabletop plants, hanging plants, or similar olive tree plants at varying heights. Toy with your design a little bit. See what sort of chaos you can come up with.

Design Plant Presentation Areas

Consider building biophilic areas such as around a small indoor pond or using a store-bought waterfall décor accessory. Here is where you can sit a variety of small faux plants and natural elements like stone, wood, rock, crystals, and more.

Use The Soothing Effect Of Water

Water has been thoroughly studied as a soothing component of design. It not only relaxes but enhances mood and also can boost self-esteem.

If you really want to get deep into biophilic design, consider ways you can use water amongst your fake plants. This could be using an aquarium with fishes, having a small artificial fountain, be artwork depicting water, or be a sculpture of something water-esque.

Minimalist Planters

An artificial snake sansevieria dark green plant is an example of a fake plant that doesn’t need to be clustered in with other décor accessories. It’s interesting enough on its own. Buy it a high-quality, unique planter and feature it in an area.

Use Them Near Work Areas

Plants – real and fake alike – have been shown to stimulate the mind and improve mental well-being. They have a real effect on focus and productivity. Consider using a tabletop artificial plant near your desk.

Use The Wind

Certain biophilic design stimuli can be problematic in an office or home, i.e. the auditory sensations of birds, the scent of flowers and grass, etc. A gentle breeze creates movement amongst your faux plants. Try it, with a window open or a fan on.

Tap into the beauty of biophilic design. Connect with nature. Find premium artificial plants from today.
Andrew Lu