Real plants are meant to live. Fake plants are meant to ornament. A key difference. It’s limitless what you can do with artificial plants, from arranging them in a vertical garden to create a realistic-looking seemingly living and breathing real indoor garden.

If you have a keen eye for art and design, here are some roads to go down with your artificial greenery.

Use Them To Calm

Plants are a natural way to create calmness. They are used to tackle anxiety as well as in mindfulness. If you have spaces that are prone to high levels of stress, put in some fake plants. They’ll counterbalance the occasional stress of a room like a home office.

Canvas + Plants

If you want to create art with a plant like a faux Bird of Paradise tree, the easiest way is to set it next to literal artwork. Use greenery as the backdrop. Around it, put frames, canvases, and sculptures.

An Eye-Catching Planter

You may not find what you’re looking for singularly in a faux plant but you can when you take artificial plants and combine them with a basket, planter, pot, or artistically-done container. Natural materials, brass, cement, glass, or others. You have lots of unique planters to choose from.

Create A Home Décor Theme

A home décor theme can be as simple as one word. Rustic. Vintage. Gothic. Luxury. Trendy. Technology. Tropical. Dry. Whatever it is, we can guarantee there’s a plant out there to match. Artificial palm trees, for example, are a natural accessory to any summer, dry, hot, or tropical theme.

Wreck Your Best Cheap Plant

Take your artificial plant and cut it up. Dip it in paint. Be experimental with it. The chaos and destruction of something beautiful can itself be therapeutic and beautiful. Try this on cheap artificial plants first to see if it’s your vibe. You may also choose to blend in premium faux plants retained in their original shape alongside broken pieces of cheaper fake plants. This is a very interesting combination.

Captivating Lighting

Find artistic ways to light your plants. If they are outside, some sort of solar LED lights work. When indoors, a carefully placed lamp or string lights can be used to highlight your favourite tall fake plant. The artificial dracaena tree potted plant is perfect for this.

Spice Things Up With Other Natural Materials

You have lots of natural materials that can be brought in and used to surround a faux plant. Broken stone, crystals, glass, pebbles, moss, bark shavings, dried twigs, and pieces of refurbished wood are all excellent choices.

Craft A Vertical Garden

A vertical garden can mean either a wall garden, a leaning shelving unit carrying potted faux plants, or something entirely different. What does the term ‘vertical garden’ mean to you - use your imagination. An artificial rubber potted plant is a great choice for any vertical garden, with its deep greens and colorful flourishes.

Wreaths, Bouquets, And Arrangements

If you are fortunate to have multiple types of fake plants, these can be moved around or re-designed into a new configuration, such as a bouquet, as a hanging plant, in a wreath, on a manicured arts and crafts project, or in another presentation.

Art is beautiful. Plants are beautiful. There is nothing saying that art and faux plants aren’t connectable. Find your best premium artificial plants at and get to decorating your home with art, personality, and life.
Andrew Lu