A vertical garden is not expected and largely unrealistic for the long-term maintenance of real plants.

That said, for fake plants, a vertical garden’s an incredible way to bring in greenery when you’re short on space.

What Is A Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardens are unique. They can be made to look like anything, and as tall, wide, or dimensional as you like. They put plants into a trendy presentation that makes the wall a talking point rather than the plant itself.

For some, this is trouble. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a centerpiece-worthy faux plant though. It is only to say there is a relationship that must be considered with what plants and greenery you incorporate.

Ultimately, a vertical garden is for those who are looking for something a little different to do with faux plants. Here is how you can build your own vertical garden, mixing together your favourite elements to craft an extraordinary design feature.

Why Faux Plants Are Better For A Vertical Garden

If you thought taking care of a garden was hard, when you flip it on its side – literally – it gets significantly more difficult.

A vertical garden struggles to keep things wet enough and takes a lot of work to maintain. With real plants side-by-side clustered in, it looks even worse when a few plants start to wilt or die alongside others that are thriving. It can look very uneven and unnatural, ironically.

Through classic premium faux plants, you have a lot of safety with what you can do with a vertical garden. You no longer have to consider how you’re going to keep it watered, give it enough sunlight, and more. The toughest decision will be what fake plants are best for a vertical garden.

Tips On How To Get The Most From A Vertical Garden

  • Give them some space. Do not fit them in somewhere, cluttering up a room. Use a minimalist mindset. Ensure what’s around your vertical garden is separated enough to feature your wall.

  • Focus more on shape than color. A vertical garden itself pops. You don’t have to use a whole lot of color to give it attention because it already has attention. Instead, focus on textures, shape, and variety in what plants you use, from Bird of Paradise leaves to sansevieria plants.

  • Ensure you have properly affixed every faux plant, flower, or greenery. You do not want things falling off. Fortunately, with fake plants, you can do a lot more in terms of affixing than you can with a real plant.

  • Place it somewhere where you want to be focused and productive. Multiple studies reinforce how greenery reduces stress, improves creativity, boosts positivity, and increases productivity. Don’t hide it away. Put your vertical garden in a commonly viewed area.

  • Inspect them occasionally for dust. Any debris like dust can gather quickly over weeks on top of artificial plants. Be ready to use compressed air to shoot that dust away or have microfiber cloths ready to wipe down leaves.

  • Find the best selection of fake plants in North America at Artiplanto.com and begin on your journey towards having a one-of-a-kind vertical garden.
    Andrew Lu