Plants have a special charm and can almost instantly bring in the greenery we all yearn. Further, they help to extend peace and a natural appeal in our surroundings. 

Silk plants are the best choice when it comes to decorating an airbnb space as they are cost effective, easy to maintain and assemble plus resonate beauty like a real plant. Further silk plants have evolved a lot over the years and become a hot commodity and one of the must have decor items when it comes to the airbnb landscape. Read on for some quick and easy tips to decorate an airbnb with silk plants. 


This is by far the most popular silk plant when it comes to decorating. As a faux bamboo plant is available in various sizes it is a great and an easy way to add a tropical flavour to an airbnb. 

Plus it looks very elegant and does not require a lot of effort which makes it a great fit for any size rooms or even a display piece alongside the dining table. To augment the appearance of the silk bamboo plant always try to pair it with an elegant pot or planter that is made from jute or something that is vibrant in colour. 


If you are looking to establish a bold statement hanging a Boston fern is a great choice. A fern also looks great in a living room, or porch creating a welcoming warmth. Always look for a fern plant that is vibrant green in colour as it is the best way to add an instant splash of colour to any space. 

Hanging flowers 

Nothing is more charming than a basket full of greenery paired with a colourful bunch of flowers. Always choose a combination of flowers and buds as this helps to replicate a real plant. Pink or red hanging flower baskets are the most popular as they blend in well in any decor. 

As more and more airbnbs are becoming popular people are choosing them over hotels as they for convenience and are cost effective with the added benefit of comfort. Decorating an airbnb is very important as the customers are looking for a cozy spot that resonates a home setting away from home so to sell idea of a perfect home away from home and to attract more customers and silk plants are  a must have item in your decor.

Alexandru Popa