For many of us, the bathroom is the sanctuary where we unwind and relax and tend to spend a lot of time without even thinking about it. The best way to decorate with fake plants when it comes to the bathroom is a very cost-effective way to add the charm almost instantly. 

Regardless of the faux plant you decide to choose turning your home into a natural oasis is the best way to spruce up the decor scene in the bathroom. 

Add depth 

Although it is not always about following rules when it comes to decorating with fake plants in the bathroom. To create depth in a bathroom use tall plants as their height can spruce things up and place them on the countertop or a fancy stool rather than the floor. As simple as this may sound placement can add all the depth and the drama your bathroom craves. 

Less is more

The plants you choose for your bathroom don't have to be large in size and often less is more, as it helps to create a big impact in your space. It is a great idea to pair sleep planters with small plants to create a seamless ambiance. The best place to put them is on a countertop or shelf, as overcrowding can make things look cluttered. 

Simple Hanging

Simplicity is key, when it comes to introducing a hanging plant to improve the aesthetic into your bathroom. Do not go overboard keep things simple yet choose an elegant yet small plant that adds the charm. 

Select something that is flowy and will fill up the space without overdoing it. The best place to hang the plants in the bathroom is the ceiling or a towel hook to ensure everything is at eye level. 

Colour splash

Not all bathrooms are colourful. The best way to break the neutral or monochromatic scheme is by flaunting a colourful splash of faux plants.  

No matter what color you choose, keep things simple and use pastel shades, a plant or two can brighten things up. Whether you choose a potted plant or plant stems a sleek vase is a great solution. 

Sometimes switching the different accents of green is a great way. 

If your bathtub is where you go to escape from the day and unwind, then faux plants are a great way to complement your glass of wine and candles. Further studies show that plants are a great way to resonate positive mental state and relaxing especially with killer arrangements to brighten any mood.

Alexandru Popa