We all agree that silk plants are one of the most favourite must haves when it comes to decorating. Although they are artificial plants they look stunning just like a real plant, which makes them a great way to add a natural element almost instantly. Read on to follow some quick and easy hacks that will help you transform your home in minutes with indoor artificial silk plant


Picking the right planter is very important as it is similar to choosing the right box for jewellery. When it comes to choosing the planter go for something that is rustic yet blends. The most popular planters when it comes to pairing with artificial plants are — wicker basket planters, they blend in well with any decor and add an elegant modern touch. 


It's all about creating a great visual appeal so make sure to use elements that compliment your personal style. Use dirt as the top layer to create a natural appearance, or rocks work well too. 

If you are not a big fan of layers then creative ceramic planters are a great way to flaunt your indoor artificial plants with style. 


Arranging faux plants in a certain way makes it easy to add that wow factor almost instantly. When arranging artificial plants in a planter choose different sizes as well as stems and flowers to add a good variety to the arrangement. 


It's all about the location; so too add that natural look and feel to your home place artificial plants in the same location as real plants i.e. in the window sill, hanging in the porch or even placed in a vase on the centre of the dining table to make things pop. 

Some other locations to place faux plants are kitchen countertops or alongside side tables in the living room or bedroom to create a natural ambiance in a rather dull or bland decor scene. 

Mix things 

Variation is key when it comes to decorating with indoor artificial plants so always whenever possible pair a few options together. One of the best tricks is to break the boredom and pair the real plants with faux plants to mix things up a notch.

If you love the idea of incorporating greenery in your decor setting silk plants are a great solution. It's all about following some of the recommendations made above and cherishing the amazing atmosphere they help create.  

Alexandru Popa