It’s always a tough departure, seeing summer blend into fall and then into winter. The gardens we’ve spent so much work and time maintaining in the first three quarters of the year are now in process of a seasonal pause.

This leaves a lot of us gardeners with very little to look at from November onward through to spring.

While you’re planning next year’s garden, there’s another way you can surround yourself with greenery that won’t involve any extra time or effort on your part. It’s using meticulously-crafted artificial plants, flowers, and trees, and either filling a single room in your home with them or stationing faux greenery throughout your home wherever fits.

Why Faux Plants Matter

Having less greenery around has an impact, in all sorts of ways. Plants have a calmness to them and are associated with productivity, concentration, less anxiety, less depression, and are all-around a good thing to surround yourself with. Take that away and it can change the vibe in a room.

Faux plants in home décor are popular for a lot of reasons. They’re easy to take care of. They’re non-toxic and safe for pets in case they accidentally chew on a leaf. A premium artificial plant also is typically made by hand and is very detailed, adopting a sort of realism you don’t get with a plant purchased from a local Walmart or wherever.

Will Faux Plants Feel Real To Me?

Buying artificial plants online for someone who loves plants and is good at taking care of them won’t be the same as having a real garden. That said, they’re a lot easier to maintain and are more about maintaining the garden aesthetic than anything.

Fake plants are also conversation pieces. They can be bought in all sorts of sizes, from small tabletop plants and small artificial plant décor to large trees up to 10” in height and above. 

Because they don’t need any special care, they can be put anywhere and styled in any way without issue. They really open up what’s possible in terms of home décor and plants. If you’ve always wanted to do something with plants but have been worried about them surviving, a collection of fake plants is exactly what you want.

You can also style faux plants in planters, baskets, and vases. Plants become a home décor accessory when they are artificial and that’s not a bad thing.

What Fake Plants To Buy In Winter

There are lots of possible artificial plants to work with come winter. Some of the best winter faux plants include fake succulents, large tropical palm trees, ferns, wreaths, hanging plants, faux grasses, Monstera plants, and more.

You can choose to go more exotic with your fake plants or keep it relatively tame and plentiful. There aren’t any rules, really. Take your faux plants with you anywhere. Build out a beautiful and all-the-way realistic-looking indoor garden this winter with premium-grade fake plants from the best in artificial greenery.

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Andrew Lu