A wreath is a beautiful display of color, style, and the season. They can be beautifully detailed in a number of ways, providing a glimpse into what the rest of your home is decorated like. More households are either creating their own wreaths or buying faux wreaths for their wall and decorating with greenery in all sorts of fun ways. Here’s why an artificial wreath makes sense.

They’re Welcoming

A wreath placed on a door or in an entranceway is a warm, welcoming move. An artificial wreath sparkles with color and at eye-level so anyone entering immediately fixates on this point.

It Takes Up No Space

Anything wall-mounted does not require you setting aside space on a table, shelf, or countertop. This means you save having to buy a planter, basket, or vase for a wreath. All you need is a mounting hook.

You Can Match Them

If you do have the space, you can match an artificial wreath with a faux plant or a collection somewhere nearby. A plant on a table or shelf. The same colors in the wreath in the furniture or utilized in accent pieces around you. There are lots of ways to make a wreath feel like a very natural addition.

They’re Artistic

Regardless of whether you make your own or not, a fake wreath and fake plants are very artfully put together. A wreath, in particular, has some real expression behind it and hanging one on a wall communicates a real sense of art.

They Look So Real

Buying an artificial wreath is far more popular than trying to make a wreath from real plants. So long as you purchase your materials from a reputable source or artificial plant expert store, you get realism and a look akin to ‘just been picked from the garden’. It’s the most exquisite way to design a wreath.

They’re Very Stylish

Fake plants are stylish and very trendy right now. Do not be shy about jumping on board and exploring what’s possible for your bare walls at home. There’s a lot of variety and different looks to choose from.

It’s Another Way to Communicate A Theme

You may already have a home décor theme present. If you do, greenery is very unlikely to conflict. In fact, it’s very likely you can decorate a wreathe to suit an existing theme and even highlight the colors at play.

Wreaths Can Be Redesigned

With an artificial wreath, none of it dies. You can rotate new wreaths in and out according to the season or, alternatively, redesign a wreath with new colors and faux flowers or plants to match the occasion.

You Can Keep Them Forever

An artificial wreath looks the same in perpetuity. Dust is its only enemy and that’s easy to wipe off using a microfiber cloth. When not in use, put your faux wreath away and then, wait for the right time to take it out again. You will always keep your interior looking fresh this way.

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Andrew Lu