Putting faux plants outdoors is a brilliant way to highlight a garden without getting into maintenance and committing to a long-term upkeep schedule. This way, you get a green landscape, garden, and/or backyard setup that isn’t prone to the challenges that come with keeping alive real plants.

Like real plants though, faux plants are exposed to the climate. Any rain, wind, or weather that comes in contact with them could potentially cause damage. The extent of that damage understandably can vary.

If you are working with artificial plants, protecting them outdoors is a consideration any home decorator, designer, or homeowner should have. This is how to have lively fake plants outside with no issue.

Why Sunlight’s An Issue

Artificial plants outside encounter their biggest threat in sunlight. Faux foliage under long-term sunlight can dull and fade. Add to that the potential harsh conditions of rain, snow, and temperature changes, and faux plants aren’t going to fare very well.

In some cases, how to protect against this is through buying UV-resistant artificial plants. The advantage of greenery with a UV-resistant surface is that it adds some extra fade resistance. Losing color isn’t good on fake plants. It makes the greenery look ‘less than’ and fake. This is sometimes what you get with cheaper fake plants. When you buy faux plants from Artiplanto or similar brands, you don’t get that. You get a premium artificial plant through specialized sites, brands, and shops.

If You Don’t Have UV Resistant Plants

There is still a lot you can do if you do not have UV-resistant fake plants. Shielding the plants in shade is common and easy to do. If you have a larger plant or tree in the yard that is real, the artificial plants can go underneath and this should provide all the avoidance you need to minimize direct sunlight contact.

Another thing you can do is to bring in your artificial plants if you know there’s a heavy rain forecast or storm on the way. Incoming rains, snow, winds, and extremely hot days all pose a risk. Take the greenery inside and avoid it altogether. Although it could very well be that these events come and go with no issue to your plants, over time, you may notice some gradual damage start to appear. This is the same reason why a lot of homeowners take their artificial plants inside.

There is UV-resistant spray that you can use as well. They also block UV rays but, like UV-resistant artificial plants, a spray won’t do anything for the other issues at play, i.e. guarding against the weather, climate, or temperature. Furthermore, cheaper sprays can stain plants or make them appear more fake. 

All in all, you can take your artificial plants outside and it’s very possible that it will take years of weather to fade them and/or make them appear damaged in some way. It is also, of course, possible the right set of circumstances could completely destroy the look of your favourite greenery.

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Andrew Lu