Holiday décor and winter décor lean on each other from December through to the end of February.

In an office, once the holiday theme is past, it might not always be clear what winter office decorating looks like.

If you’re unsure what to use in your office for the next few months, here are a few ideas.

The Beauty of Natural Wood

Especially if you live in the northern part of the country, chances are winter’s a season of troublesome cold temperatures.

A great way to bring a little warmth into your office is through natural woods, a la birch logs, branches, and bark.

These offer unique touches that can heighten the atmosphere in a commercial setting.

Artificial Tropical Trees

Some office managers’ approach may be to bring in a summer-esque tropical vibe with fake trees.

A number of fake winter tropical trees exist, including travellers palms, Hawaii kwai palm trees, Monstera potted plants, and more.

Made from premium silk, the beauty of these is they can be reused year after year and even season after season.

Artificial trees like this are reliable, look fabulous, and are sure to offer a different office atmosphere.

Faux Tabletop Plants

A fake tropical tree sits beautifully in the corner of a room or in strategic locations but for employees working at their desk, they may not necessarily get the chance to be around your Monstera tree very often.

If you are in a cubicle setting or work desk-to-desk, consider allowing artificial tabletop plants.

A terrific advantage to tabletop-sized plants is they can also be moved to bookshelves and different heights throughout the office.

Unlike vines and greenery which isn’t contained to a planter, tabletop plants are tight and contained which aids in maintaining the professionalism of an office.

Fake Hanging Plants and Wreaths

Some offices are smaller than others. If you’re short on space, make use of what’s available vertically.

Between faux hanging plants, artificial wreaths, and other greenery, an office has several decorative ways to infiltrate more color and life into any space.

This type of greenery can be molded according to the shape you want, clustered together in stylish and artistic gardens, or separated across the office in a more advanced décor arrangement.

Setting Up An Area Rug

If you’re already on carpet, there’s no need for a rug.

If you’re on hardwood, tile, or cement, those winter temperatures will cut right through the floor.

Try an area rug. These can be purchased in various sizes and set up anywhere in the office. Conference rooms, break rooms, waiting areas, in popular gathering areas, or around each workstation. These are all suggestions on where to put a rug.

A handcrafted, premium luxe area rug will help ward off winter temperatures and add some warmth.

There are some truly creative ways to use artificial plants and greenery, whether they are at a tabletop level, hanging from a hook, or set in a high-quality planter as a tropical tree. Find decorating ideas and more this winter for your office at ArtiPlanto.
andrew lu