What do you think of when you read the words ‘palm trees’ – tropical, blue skies and paradise come to mind.

An artificial palm tree harkens to these places far, far away from North America. From vacation spots around the world and inspired by the real thing, faux palm trees from ArtiPlanto are purchased every day for homes and offices across the country.

An incredibly popular fake plant, here are 9 benefits of artificial palm trees you may not know about.

They Look Real!

A palm tree isn’t the most difficult plant to duplicate in a faux form. An artificial palm tree from ArtiPlanto is a direct result of collaboration between design teams in New York and Montreal, assembled and painted by hand. When you get close and really have a look, you’ll be amazed at the detail.

They’re Easy to Care For

To take care of a fake palm tree, you don’t have to be an expert gardener or experienced horticulturalist. In fact, it might be preferable if you weren’t. The only care and maintenance required for an artificial palm tree are in transport from our warehouse to your home.

Palm Trees Are Sturdy

Faux palm trees are very sturdy. Hardly lightweight, once they’re planted in a pot or planter of your choosing, you can trust this isn’t a décor piece that’s at risk of falling over or being stressed from wind.

They Work Indoors and Outdoors

Artificial plants and trees have always been a safe way to do home décor. For example, install your palm tree outside or inside without worrying about it dying from lack of watering, temperature, climate, or light. Everything it needs to look great, it’s already there. There’s no adding to it.

Add Beauty to An Office

An office is a very professional setting. It’s not really known for fun, tropical flavors, or anything captivating. Move in a palm tree though and see what happens. An office manager can really beautify a space with this exotic island tree artificially-done.

Instantly Transform Your Garden

Fake palm trees work on their own as strictly a décor piece but they can also act as the centerpiece to your garden. More homeowners are creating indoor gardens from fake trees, greenery, and plants, sometimes mixing real with faux in some very interesting configurations.

No Raking Leaves

Low-quality, cheap faux palm trees will fall apart in storms. A handcrafted, premium artificial palm’s built to last. Beyond the true-to-life detail we’ve already spoken about, a fake palm’s leaves are firmly attached to the design ensuring no damage in the face of changing temperatures, climates, or weather conditions.

Low-Cost and Affordable

A real palm tree requires watering, trimming, fertilizer, and nutrition. They’re a plant you buy, potentially wasting that money on something that wilts, fades, and dies in a year or two. A fake palm tree lasts forever and it’s a single cost. You don’t have to factor in any after-the-fact expenses.

Palm Trees Have Many Varieties

There are dozens of real palm trees and artificial palm trees on the market. Each palm tree’s different, with its own shapes and personality though all distinct to the family. ArtiPlanto alone offers a few popular artificial palm trees of varying styles.

Not all fake plants are created equal. We stand among the best and are arguably THE best. Lifelike artificial palm trees are here, home décor expert-approved! See dozens of faux palm trees in North American from ArtiPlanto and order your favourite today.
andrew lu