Eco-friendly, green décor in retail and commercial settings is growing more and more popular.

Faux trees and greenery are a great way to do environmentally-conscious branding without distracting from your products.

Artificial greenery is used in corporate retail chains and small business retail alike to bring life into the room.

It is particularly accommodating to brands selling health and wellness or fitness products, or products that are geared towards a target audience interested in health, natural products, or the environment.

Where to Put Faux Plants in Your Store

You have plenty of options when designing a layout of artificial trees.

In-store, you don’t want to be blocking any products on the shelf and so using them in between merchandise displays is smart positioning.

On end-caps and self-standing product displays, these are also areas you can set trees or greenery.

Faux trees and greenery aren’t so much about catching the eye but about contributing to the atmosphere. They bring presence without being overbearing. No one’s in retail for the decor. Customers want to be customers. In that though, artificial greenery can help in crafting a welcoming place to come and browse, and further enhance your image in the eyes of a consumer.

Why Always Choose Artificial Trees in Commercial Retail

To invite in real plants into a retail store is rarely appropriate. Real plants can bring in bugs and pests.

Real plants also wilt and die, even when they are cared for. Compare that to fake plants. You can have the same majestic impression with an artificial tree that will stay looking its absolute best endlessly.

Fake greenery in retail has been used for many decades, particularly in shopping malls and in corporate retail.

Faux plants are nothing new. What is, however, is the quality of the artificial greenery. Using premium materials, brands like ArtiPlanto are revolutionizing the look of fake plants and trees. Handcrafted designs featuring true-to-life detail dominate their catalogue.

What Fake Greenery is Best for Commercial Stores

Decorative faux trees come in all sorts of types, shapes, and sizes, from six feet and smaller to exceeding 10 feet.

One of our favourites is the tropical-infused faux dracaena tree, sure to bring a summertime atmosphere to wherever it’s placed.

Artificial fiddle leaf potted plants are very popular and a very standard, adaptable choice if you’re unsure of what’s best for your retail setting.

A fake Monstera tree is big, brash, and bold, with classic Monstera leaves extending outwards dressed in various shades of green.

A faux travellers palm tree is a summer-friendly commercial décor piece that works well in healthcare, beauty, fitness, grocery, and clothing stores.

A fake olive tree is also a very safe choice, seen in retail stores and shopping malls across the country already.

Some other artificial greenery for your commercial store to look at might include artificial palm trees, Bird of Paradise potted plants, fake banana trees, faux spathiphyllum leaf trees, artificial Hawaii kwai palm trees, artificial Korea bamboo potted plants, fake evergreen trees, fake agave trees, and more.

Check out commercial décor artificial plants, trees, and greenery at ArtiPlanto and gather together a collection that adds to your store’s current theme. Make an impression with natural décor that doesn’t need ongoing care. Visit ArtiPlanto today and order yours.
andrew lu