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Article: Rules of Making A Bridal Bouquet With Faux Flowers

Bridal Bouquet

Rules of Making A Bridal Bouquet With Faux Flowers

You’re getting married and that means a bridal bouquet!

Faux flowers in a bridal bouquet are unique and as popular as ever. You can change an arrangement without causing any real damage to the flowers and you can even rearrange the whole thing if you so desire. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when making a faux flower bouquet.

Stick To A Budget

Faux flowers can be a little less expensive or more depending on where you get them and the quality.

Have a budget in mind. You can obtain just about any faux flower arrangement at any time of the year to suit your ceremony, luckily. It’s also not necessary to have additional flowers to replace those that are wilted or damaged.

Due to the availability of faux varieties, you can also order ‘out of season’ flowers at any time, without additional costs.

Narrow Down Your Range

There is an exquisite variety of faux flowers that can look sensational in your wedding photographs. 

Are you looking for exotics or rare flowers that are difficult to find – you can certainly find them. These could make an impactful memory for your big day. Even though some of the rarest flowers in the world are necessarily not grown where you live, you can still have them integrated into your bouquet with faux flowers.

Buy Durable, Quality-Made Faux Flowers

If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, faux flowers can stand up to light rain and a gust of wind without any significant damage. Do ensure you get them from a trusted source, like

This way, you know you can assemble your bouquet and know it’s going to look awesome regardless of the weather or wind.

Your décor can remain looking spectacular all day long when you buy premium faux flowers

Color Selection

The biggest thing with creating a bridal bouquet with faux flowers is evidently color and what colors match your wedding.

Ever wanted purple roses or blue tulips; how difficult will it be for your florists to find these? Faux flowers come in every color imaginable. Think of the impact your bouquet will have and give a truly unique look to your event.

Your bouquet could match perfectly with the selection of bridesmaid’s dresses and coordinate with them. Give some thought beforehand to what sort of colors you want in your flower arrangement. Looking through a few examples of faux flower bouquets may serve as inspiration.


You can create something completely unexpected in your bouquet with faux flowers.

If you are considering a winter theme but you don’t want to look as though Santa’s helpers put your bouquet together, pinecones, ivy, and red berries in the faux variety can certainly add to that winter wonderland feel.

Even if it’s the middle of summer. Perhaps a beach-y feel with an exotic Bird of Paradise, colorful hydrangeas, or something else. Even amid winter, these faux varieties can be sought.

Faux flowers from don’t have to stretch your budget. They give you more creativity and will last you forever. Imagine the impact your bridal bouquet and its flowers will have with a collection of the most colorful and beautiful pieces. There are no hard and fast rules with faux flowers. Let your imagination soar.

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