On-the-go homeowners can’t afford to commit themselves to being caretaker to an indoor garden.

They don’t have the time. If they even were to try, it’s almost sure to fail. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ve got to go without some greenery around you.

Fake plants are in style right now for this very reason. Millennials are busy building their careers, building relationships, and crafting a life for themselves. For many, they’re not at an age that allows for extensive time at home to do chores.

Think of all the things you could do with artificial plants at home. You could take a vacation or travel without worrying about your favourite flower, tree, or plant dying. They always look supremely their best.

Can You Tell the Difference?

When we use terms like ‘artificial plants’ and ‘faux plants’, we aren’t talking about the plastic plants from decades ago.

Don’t go taking a walk to your local dollar store to select a faux plant, either. Consider a professional home décor expert or shopping with a home décor brand like ArtiPlanto who specialize in crafting handmade, premium-made fake plants.

The high-end range of artificial plants produce creations that are unbelievably real. There’s virtually no difference, analyzing the visual side-by-side and comparing real to fake. Every leaf bulges with details, often hand-painted. There are some truly beautiful faux plants out there to admire.

For Home And Office Use

Another reason why fake plants are getting so much attention is that they work in a commercial setting as well as they do at home.

At work, you don’t want to have to pay someone to run around the office every day to water plants. You can buy and position real-life artificial plants in offices, AirBnB rentals, retail shops, restaurants, and wherever.

They really do contribute a lot of life to rooms that are otherwise lacking and the key is to select something that’s well-made. It has to trick the eye. It can’t look too shiny. It can’t look too perfect. There’s got to be some imperfections. You won’t find that at cheap, corporate-led bargain brands, a la Walmart and Target.

All this use of stylish fake plants in homes and offices continues to associate them with modern-contemporary décor.

Where to Buy Fake Plants Online

The market for artificial plants is now growing at a rate of 4 percent per year. This growth is predicted to continue through 2024, according to analysts. Maintenance-free faux flowers are winning minds and hearts thanks to premium brands like ArtiPlanto.

Montreal-based ArtiPlanto treats creating artificial plants like an art. Using advancements in design, the facsimiles and seeming imposters they’ve come up with avoid the bad fake plant reputation of the past.

Look through their catalogue for examples of the quality of work. There’s no worrying about artificial plants dying, falling apart, or somehow degrading. When the material and design are high-quality, you can rely on them for decades. Their biggest enemy – if it can be said – is dust.

Shop with ArtiPlanto for fresh-looking faux flowers, tabletop plants, fake trees, and more fashionable home décor options.
andrew lu