A new year means new home décor trends, new interior design styles, and more! Find your inspiration.

Here are some of the top interior design trends for 2021, selected by the experts in no particular order.

No Rules

A decade or two ago, there were lots and lots of interior design rules. In 2021, not so much. Decorate however you see fit, mixing and matching what speaks out to you. As long as it’s sufficient to please your desires, feel open to breaking all the rules in a home’s interior design.


Chandeliers have come back in style in a big way, leading the way for bizarre, unexpected lighting. Though we associate chandeliers with gathering areas and entranceways, they’re suitable for kitchens as well – a room getting more attention.

Woven Wool Rugs

More homes are starting to jump on board with woven wool rugs. Catching to the eye, these pieces ooze authenticity, culture, and vary in size and color which makes them a perfect opportunity to customize a room to one’s personal senses of style.

Raw And Rough

A lot of home décor being sought is antique-esque, second-hand, and from another time. Redefining what modern interior design is, there is a story behind every item in a home. Homeowners are buying less but what they are buying is carrying more meaning.

Minimalist Bedrooms

Bedrooms have been stuck in minimalist interior design for some time now and it’s gone even more minimalist in the last few months. A black-and-white monochrome design is proven to be stylish and comfy for many.

Boho-Chic, Indigenous Styles

One of the top interior design trends in 2021 is the use of boho-chic, indigenous-style accent pieces. Taking inspiration from indigenous tribes and cultures all over the world, these items can easily be blended in with neutrals or added to a room as an accent piece to give a sense of exoticism.

Neutral Colors in Interior Design

Neutrals are still highly acclaimed, considered to be the most sophisticated way to decorate. Tagging a neutral-toned room with something excessively deep, dark, or colorful, such as fake greenery, an area rug, a throw, or select furniture pieces can be subtly elegant and underrated.

Bold Colors For Energy

Neutral tones have been in-style for a long time. Bold colors are on-trend today because they essentially blow up neutrals and leave behind fun, energy, and chaos. A bright red, blue, or yellow’s a great choice for any room that’s dragging a little. Bold, primary colors are where to look.

Fake Plants

People these days are busy. They’re working, cultivating and servicing relationships, and don’t have the time to stay at home taking care of their plants. Buy fake plants online and make maintenance so much easier. All that’s needed for an artificial plant, tree, or greenery is a little dusting from time to time.


Luxury homes pride themselves on having things no one else has. They want authentic, original pieces, whether that’s the dining room table or an accent piece. This translates to room centerpieces, artwork, and more.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are ‘in’ right now. Big, bold patterns are all the rage. If you’re going to chase a patterned look, always jump in. A big, bold botanical pattern is far better than small, shy florals. Consider mixing in a lush artificial plant garden or something similar to add real rhythm and movement to a room.

Don’t be shy. Decorating a home comes down to you and what you see for the place. Drop by ArtiPlanto today for more home décor inspiration and 2021 interior design trends.
andrew lu