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Article: What Are the Most Popular Faux Plants in Florida

What Are the Most Popular Faux Plants in Florida

Even a Florida garden lover can come to appreciate the charm of faux plants. As unique a climate as the state has, it still doesn’t erase the obvious responsibilities that come with being a plant owner.

You have to make sure your plants aren’t drying out or getting too much sunshine. Each plant requires a different amount of water. Then, even with all the attention you give your garden, sometimes things still don’t work out.

Move away from that disappointment and find a way forward with artificial plants in Florida. Browse the most popular faux plants in Florida here, from high-quality and premium-made greenery from ArtiPlanto to cheaper options at Target, Walmart, and elsewhere.

Fiddle Leaf Potted Plants

It doesn’t matter how much humidity or heat’s in the room. No watering is needed, either. Fiddle leaf potted plants are a very nice houseplant in Florida, with a classic look and real-life detail in every leaf.

Sansevieria Potted Plant

A sansevieria, aka a snake plant, has a Tim Burton-esque creep to its aesthetic. It’s a succulent imitation that fits any indoor or outdoor garden nicely. A faux snake plant is also interesting as a visual to such a degree that it is a popular plant to use on its own in bedrooms, home offices, kitchens, and all over a property.

Travellers Palm Tree Potted Plant

A travellers palm tree has big thick leaves that reach from a relatively thin, grass-esque base. Beautiful and unchallenging to care for, this is one of the best fake plants perfect for a Florida garden but equally welcome in any office or living room.

Bird of Paradise Potted Plants

Bird of Paradise plants are a mixture of light and dark green, a duplicate of the real thing. A specific look is associated with the Bird of Paradise. Those who haven’t seen success planting plants like this, welcome to the world of artificial plants!

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Potted Plant

When putting together a list containing the most popular faux plants in Florida, we couldn’t ignore the Hawaii Kwai palm tree. Large, expressive, and colorful, the aesthetic thrives in a dark or colorless area of the home but also works outside, such as in a backyard or an entranceway.

Korea Bamboo Potted Plant

A Korea bamboo potted plant is a little different than the other names on this list. Incredibly popular in Florida, you’ll find artificial Korea bamboo plant as a common office plant as well as used as a houseplant on more luxurious properties.

Agave Potted Plant

You may have seen a real agave plant in Florida so you likely already know what it looks like. Prepared to be amazed at the realism of the faux variety! An artificial agave plant from the ArtiPlanto collection will stay looking its very best for years and years. The true beauty is in the details.

We’ve named 7 popular faux plants in Florida but there are so many other names that could fit this list. Visit ArtiPlanto today to begin occupying your property with everlasting beauty that doesn’t need to try so hard! Order your favourite fake plants, greenery, and trees from a premium brand.

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