It’s no secret Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is the hottest faux plant when it comes to houseplants at the moment. Did you know? The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is native to the lowland rainforest in Africa. As the plant makes a gorgeous, and bold architectural statement and blends in with perfection with any home or office decor. 

Unlike the real plant, keeping faux plants look lush green forever is very simple. Read on to master some pro tips to not only help keep your faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree look alive and shiny, but thrive in better than a real plant in any space. 


Once you have selected the perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig tree that suits your decor scene. The first step to keep in mind, when it comes to the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, always remember placement or location is key!

To help the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree look like a real plant keep them in a location, where they can get bright as well as indirect sunlight or place a bulb on an angle to create a great tropical feel. 


Fiddle Leaf Fig plant leaves tend to get covered in dust more often you think — the best way to clean the leaves is to use a damp cloth. 

Gently wipe down each leaf to remove dust from the plant. If you have thick dust particles, sometimes  coconut oil works well — be careful to damp them gently on the leaves. You do not have to do the cleaning every day once a month is a great way. 


All Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig trees come potted but they are not the best when it comes to their looks. So it's recommended to pot them in a fancy planter — something big yet elegant enough to match any decor scene. 

Some of the best planters are ceramic ones with bright colours with a drainage hole and a diameter more than 3-4 inches or larger in diameter. Once you choose the planter, the next step is choosing the right layer of soil or something decorative like green moss. 

Pruning and Shaping

When it comes to Fiddle Leaf Fig trees there are two kinds — the tall, tree —with a dense green foliage and bare, long trunk. And the next type is a short bushy type with leaves that start at the base. 

If you want to shape your plant, just like the real thing you can do so, by giving it some tender loving care by pruning and shaping things to perfection. 

Alexandru Popa