Mid-century, aka mid-century modern design, is a term that pulls inspiration from the post-war twentieth century up through to the mid-to-late 1960s. Think Mad Men-era but a little more traditional, eschewing the trends of the 1960s in favor of simple functionality.

Mid-century is a very popular home décor trend in large part because it meshes well with contemporary design and there’s no single influence more impactful in modern-day rooms than minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a design approach that encourages restraint and simplicity. From the use of a given space to the objects inside and lighting, minimalism pairs a decorator down to the essentials. Curating in this aesthetic requires skill and knowledge.

Now, enter in a little mid-century with this modern-day minimalist trend and you have a design framework that’s duplicated in media, tech, music, and so much more.

Mid-century has a fundamental role to play in the décor of many homes and businesses. Here’s more.

How to Use Mid-Century in Your Home or Place of Business

Mid-century does blend well with whatever else is going on inside a space visually and from a functional perspective.

With any home décor, it’s rare to have an entire property take on a single look. Chances are you’re pulling from a few different influences and trying to draw some connections between them.

Mid-century leans a lot on tidiness and clean lines. The style has survived decades because it accessorizes other looks. At this point, so much time has passed that mid-century doesn’t look dated in any way.

Common mid-century style choices to consider for your space might include more mirrors, more use of wood, simple white paint, the inclusion of technology in subtle ways that don’t cause interference, and eco-friendly green choices such as a small indoor garden or collection of tabletop artificial plants.

Why Mid-Century Planters Make Sense

Mid-century planters are some of the most sought-after in the artificial plant and indoor houseplant world.

The beauty of going mid-century is that it doesn’t dictate a material. You can maintain a mid-century look with a planter that is handcrafted from wood, woven from natural fibers, or manufactured from cement.

What you get in a mid-century look is something that’s sculpted in the simplest of ways, using minimal colors, and typically appearing in a very sleek presentation. Mid-century works just as amazing in a home office as it does in someone’s kitchen. It’s a very adaptable type of décor.

A mid-century planter is appealing for many reasons, all things considered. Mid-century planters are typically very solid and manufactured using high-quality materials. Visually, they don’t overpower anything else in the room, or at least, they aren’t meant to.

A planter like this gives your plant the support it needs to shine.

ArtiPlanto doesn’t just specialize in faux plants, fake greenery, and artificial trees. Mid-century planters are very popular and a common pairing with our inventory of premium, handcrafted artificial plants. Are you looking for a planter for your fake plant – get a high-quality mid-century planter from ArtiPlanto today.
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