Valentine’s Day is romantic, red, and decorative. A faux plant is a perfect gift to mark the occasion.

What is the most romantic flower for Valentine’s Day or the most romantic artificial plant – an interesting question!

This marks an entry into the ArtiPlanto Valentine’s Day guide and is our countdown of the best romantic plants.


When in doubt on Valentine’s Day, roses are a go-to.

Considered the most romantic flower, a bouquet or wreath of roses is pretty but it doesn’t quite express a lot of personality necessarily. Ensure you’re combining the right colors to match the preferences of the one you’re buying for.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley flowers represent a ‘return of happiness’. They have been used traditionally to woo old flames or as an apology flower.

A delicate plant, the lily of the valley represents purity, chastity, and sweetness, particularly as it applies to individuals who tend to lean towards femininity.


Orchids are a symbol of strength, beauty, and love. The right orchid is beautiful enough for Valentine’s Day and exotic enough to be somewhat unexpected.

Also a symbol of fertility, an artificial potted floral arrangement making use of orchids is a winner.


A small potted fern is a trendy and cute gift. A dwarf-sized version of its larger counterpart, see those classic fern leaves hang over from its thin stems.

It doesn’t quite scream color but the realism and detail of a fern make it an adaptable artificial plant that can be placed almost anywhere.


Succulents are a large category of greenery and plants. We are giving it its own spotlight as a category on this list because there are several classic small succulents that make for excellent Valentine’s Day gifts.

They’re as indestructible as any faux plant can come. Set yours on a windowsill and let it soak up the sun.


Cute little cactus plants are always a winner come Valentine’s. Even better, an artificial cactus potted plant looks just like a real cactus but with none of the pressures to keeping it alive.

To anyone in the early stages of a romance, if you’re in that moment when you don’t want to go overboard but also don’t want to show up with not enough, a cactus plant is a perfect way to say ‘I love you’.

Hanging Plant

A growing category of fake plants is hanging plants. They tend to be overly green with lots of leaves. They are typically hung from a hook either in the ceiling or the side of the wall.

A faux hanging plant is great for infusing a room with greenery when you don’t have a lot of space to play with. After all, it takes up no space when on the ground. A hanging plant makes for an ideal gift to a condo dweller, for example, where every square foot counts.

Do Valentine’s Day right. Make it fun. Give your partner a gift that speaks to their personality. Artificial plants from ArtiPlanto are made with premium materials, handcrafted, and hand-painted. Before you dig into what else you might be planning for February 14, order your fake favourites today to have them delivered in time to your home. Check out ArtiPlanto.
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