Artificial bamboo plants – including trees and stalks – are replications of the real thing.

Purely decorative, bamboo is used across interior and exterior spaces. An alternative to true bamboo, why a fake bamboo plant is preferred is because as useful and versatile as classic bamboo is, it still requires care to maintain. Fake bamboo doesn’t. The bamboo aesthetic is relatively easy to duplicate and the visual that designers have arrived at is identical to real bamboo.

What is Bamboo

There are more than 1,500 species of bamboo in the world. Bamboo belongs to the grass family, surprisingly. That said, they do produce wood stems, branches, and grow sizeably large.

The largest bamboo in the world grows up to 60 feet high – all the while still being considered genetically ‘grass’.

You won’t find fake bamboo plants this high but that’s not inherently a bad thing, all things considered.

A key characteristic of bamboo is that it grows extraordinarily quickly. In a single season of maximum 4 months, bamboo grows to its full height. This makes it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and why it’s considered a ‘sustainable material’ for a variety of consumer products.

How Bamboo is Seen in Today’s Climate

True bamboo is eco-friendly, versatile, and grows quickly. It makes for a useful material in construction and product development, and the plant itself is used in cooking and also medicinally.

Bamboo has a strong reputation for being a very trendy artificial plant because of all these positives.

Bamboo is Known Worldwide

Bamboo grows in almost every climate on earth, from cold maintains to the hot tropics. It is popularized in various areas, like East Asia, Australia, India, the Himalayas, Africa, and South America.

In North America, bamboo plants came to be known as an export several decades ago and since, the real thing has been adopted as a key building material. In terms of décor and landscaping, bamboo isn’t easily grown however which is why artificial bamboo is far more advantageous.

How Bamboo is Used in Home Décor And Interior Design

Bamboo is a sturdy, attractive plant. In home décor, it is used regularly around fencing, to supplement the look of fountains, around gutters, and in home offices or gathering areas like various other forms of artificial greenery.

Like artificial palm trees, bamboo is considered to add a tropical flair to a landscape, be it residential or commercial.

To this extent, they are sometimes positioned in dark, low-light areas where a real plant cannot grow. This strategy is used to brighten up less-than-desirable rooms, ranging from basements to offices that come across as cold and/or secluded.

There are also much, much smaller versions of fake bamboo that come in the form of tinier tabletop plants.

Tabletop bamboo plants work exceptionally well on side tables in one’s living room, on bedside tables, home office desks, bookshelves, in kitchens and bathrooms, and in various other applications.

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