As odd as this may sound we are slowly moving away from owning real plants and faux plants are taking centre stage more and more, as they are convenient and above all look better than real plants. 

A lot of us also love fake plants as they are the perfect way whether you want to add a little bit or a whole lot of greenery into your decor space. Further, they are best to add dimension, colour and in return all you need to do is some monthly wipe down or dusty that is a pretty sweet price to pay if you ask me! Read on to understand how to choose the best fake plants that will spruce things up almost instantly. 


One of the biggest blessings when choosing fake plants over real plants is easily the top on every list; allergy-free. Young or old we all at some point suffered from allergies and may have to compromise and not bring greenery into our homes because of that. For all those folk’s faux plants are for the breath of fresh air you have been waiting for as they are the best blessing in disguise. Along with allergies if you have pets then also faux plants are a great fit as many of us fear to bring in plants due to safety concerns for pets. 


Not all homes are bright and that's when faux plants swoop into our lives like the biggest blessings as they have the power to light up any room just like the sun does every morning to bring in the true purpose to our lives. So if you have tall ceilings and dread to decorate your space with something cheap yet effective fake plants should be your go-to solution if you have not been thinking about them. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with them as they have more power than you can imagine and the sad part is you will not know until you do not experiment and decide to get out of your comfort zone. 

Maintenance Free 

This comes without saying as we all choose fake plants solely because of the low maintenance as we do not have a whole lot of time lets not disagree on that. So always fake plants are such a big win-win 

Although it may not seem as difficult and daunting if you do not weigh in all the benefits faux plants have in store until you are ready to give them a chance. Once your mind is mad then bringing faux plants into your space when decorating will prove to be one of the best decisions you ever made and will question why you held on for so long on not trusting in their true worth.  The key to keeping things organized always will be too critical when making the selection and be wise in your decision and everything else will just fall in place!

Alexandru Popa