Nothing can ever replace fake plants when it comes to home decor. As fake plants have come a long way in many ways and they are by far one of the hottest trends. Fake plants are often the first choice when you are on a budget yet want to flaunt a bold statement. Especially if you like to grow real plants but have no luck with your busy lifestyle. 

There is nothing that beats the look and feel of the real plants but you will be surprised with some of the fake plant options out there that you can use to decorate your home. If you are still having second thoughts because of the reputation fake plants have for home decoration, read on to discover some cool tricks and tips to follow when using fake plants for your home and you will be surprised with the results they offer! 

1) Vases

If you are someone who loves to charm your space with some creativity with a touch of sleek look then, vases are for you. Further as vases come in various sizes, shapes and colours pairing them with fake flowers is the best way to add some glamour to your home almost instantly. Some of the most popular types of vases when decorating with fake plants for home are glass vases as they help create a focal point. If you like colourful vases there is nothing wrong with them either just be aware that there is not a lot of colour that it does not blend well with your home. Creative shapes are also a big hit when paired with fake plants as they bring a natural appeal to the plants. 

2) Variety 

Whether you choose to pair a few succulents together of various sizes or place a few potted plants of different sizes grouped together on a ledge or table to create an artistic charm in your decor — variety plays a key role when it comes to choosing a fake plant for your home decor . To maintain a variation in your decor you can also choose to put a bouquet of fake flowers together or have hanging plants of different sizes hung up alongside a wall to create a modern yet creative look. Sky's the limit when you decide to add variation with fake plants in your home, so as tempting as it may seem, remember less is more and don’t overcrowd your space. 

3) Wreaths 

You will be surprised the impact wreaths can add to a home. It may seem like an unusual choice to pick wreaths. But when you decide to include a wreath in your decor scene other than when it comes to holiday settings like Christmas — you will understand their bold statement. Don’t be afraid to choose something big, there is nothing more welcoming on the front door than the one made with fake flowers. Other than the front door wreaths also look great on the mantle and choosing something colourful is always the best solution. 

Alexandru Popa