Online shopping has evolved with the constantly changing times in 2020 and we all have become more and more driven to order the things we need to feel comfortable in our homes in these difficult times using the internet. By things we mean everything from food to decor items like faux plants to help us enjoy quality time with our family while adapting to the new normal. 

Like we have adapted by turning to technology, Artiplanto has also evolved with the changing market space to help you find the best resources when it comes to buying faux plants and flowers.  Read on to explore what we have in store to ensure you get what you need brought to spruce things up in your home within a few clicks! 

Are you looking for convenience? Do you not want to compromise on shopping quality faux plants? You have come to the right place.. Artiplanto offers several prime day deal shipping ideas whether you are looking for gift ideas for someone or simply looking to get something special and unique to compliment the style statement of your home!


With everything we all are going through in the last few months, we all are in this together when we feel the need to surround ourselves with something that simply screams lucky in all sorts and shapes  — a Bamboo tree. Whether you are looking to flaunt their elegance in a large or small size Artiplanto has several options to choose from and the best part is the prime day shipping to ensure you can dream an elegant look and within a few days live the dream! If you don’t want to buy the bamboo plant and looking for a few stems that you can add to an existing faux arrangement to augment the appearance and beautify the look? That is a great choice too! Also something a lot of us do not know is Bamboo faux plants are the best gift you can give someone who loves greenery, further it is also considered a sign of luck when received as a present so that's always a win win!

Fiddle Leaf 

This is the faux plant that is one of the biggest trendsetters when it comes to home decorating, at Artiplanto we have a few options available if you are looking for that instant glamour in your space without having to do much. All Fiddle Leaf faux plants we offer come potted in plastic as well as jute  planters so feel free to pick the one that best suits your space. 

Olive Tree

A real Olive tree is everything that reminds you of summer and the amazing memories attached with it. Further it is the best plant to depict everything in nature as it has it all; fruits, foliage and ecstatic beauty! If you are yearning for the warm climate in your decor scene, then choose this beauty and don’t forget to check out the prime day 2020 option to get it quickly. 

Alexandru Popa