A hugely popular houseplant this year is the artificial monstera.

From its characteristic leaves to being featured regularly on interior designer influencers’ Instagram, monstera plants are in high demand.

There are a handful of reasons why fake monstera plants are getting all this attention.

Fake Plants Are Having A Moment

Fake plants are kind of having a moment in the culture right now.

They’re a way to add personality without overpowering the design style you choose for your home.

A faux monstera plant is also popular because it captures the look of a monster without the dangers.

Yes, that’s right. A monstera plant, unfortunately, poses a risk to dogs and cats. It is toxic. If ingested, it will cause irritation around the mouths, lips, and tongues, and other complications.

Its Aesthetic is Very Expression

Some fake plants can be downright boring. Cheap ones, in particular, do not look very fanciful.

When talking about a monstera, its look is very unique. It’s a gorgeous faux plant with textures, shapes, and patterns to enjoy.

The leaves are, by far, the part that most are attracted to. Monstera leaves are striking, overly large, darkly green, and glossy.

In the wild, the leaves naturally develop holes. This is mimicked in the artificial plant, premium-made and handcrafted by the ArtiPlanto design time.

Real Monstera Plants Thrive in Tough Rooms

An artificial monstera borrows some of its trendiness from the real thing, we’ll admit.

A real monstera is relatively easy to take care of, is a fast grower, and is suited to bright filtered light.

It’s a great bathroom plant which can be a space difficult to equip with greenery as light conditions aren’t always ideal.

This sort of leans into why fake plants are so beneficial. They can be put anywhere and not be required to be given any amount of light, water, or anything. They look their finest at all times, without fail.

When is the Best Time to Buy Fake Monstera Plants

You can’t go into Black Friday without some sort of plan on what you’re looking for. Most of us kindly overspend otherwise.

When you’re putting your list into your smartphone, you may want to add an artificial monstera plant to the list.

Black Friday deals are here today, gone tomorrow. This November is the best time to buy a monstera plant. Whether you are picking one up for yourself or as a holiday gift for a family member, why not save a few bucks – that’s what Black Friday is for.

The sales day is almost here. This year, Black Friday is on November 27, 2020. Join us at our online store.

The best place to buy a faux monstera plant is ArtiPlanto, North America’s premiere artificial plant design team. The price on this fake plant and so many others isn’t going to fall any cheaper between now and next year. The sale is extended through Cyber Monday and then it’s caput! Select your monstera plant from ArtiPlanto, order, and we’ll ensure it’s in your hands as quickly as is possible.

andrew lu