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Article: Cyber Monday Countdown: Time to Get A Banana Tree!

Cyber Monday Countdown: Time to Get A Banana Tree!

This is a 2020 no one could have planned for and it’s been hard to find a sense of normalcy anywhere along the way.

Fortunately, this year’s Cyber Monday is still swinging into high gear and regardless of any pandemic, it’s going to be the biggest sales day yet for online shoppers, eCommerce marketplaces, and retailers that have now moved online.

Cyber Monday deals are not hard to find, particularly if you’re interested in interior design, decorating, and artificial plants.

Dozens of fake plants are being put on discount this Cyber Monday, saving you $100s off everything from faux rubber potted plants to agave plants, alocasia plants, magnolia trees, travellers palm trees, fiddle leaf potted plants, spathiphyllum leaf plants, bird of paradise, and more.

One particular plant that’s being put on a major sale is the artificial banana tree, available in multiple sizes.

What’s So Special About A Banana Tree?

Banana trees are a very common tropical plant highly sought-after by houseplant aficionados.

One of the more interesting things about a banana tree is that it isn’t actually a tree. Believe it or not, it’s a herb. It is the world’s largest herb plant! Even so, due to its size and shape, a banana tree’s always classified and considered a tree by most consumers.

As mentioned, banana trees are a tropical plant and therefore exhibit all the sort of sunny characteristics you’d expect from a tropical plant.

For all their beauty though, real banana trees require special attention in how to grow them. Recommendations on light, type of soil, watering schedule, moisture, temperature, humidity, fertilizer, propagating, growing in containers, pruning, and how to grow banana trees indoors have to be followed.

Now, try a fake banana tree. With a fake plant, you don’t need to follow any sort of special instruction.

Premium-made fake plants look like the real thing. You get the exact look with none of the commitment. Artificial or not, no one has to know!

Why Cyber Monday Deals for Fake Plants Are the Time to Buy

If you’re planning to do some shopping this Cyber Monday, it’s a great year for it.

The discounts up for grabs this Cyber Monday on November 30, 2020, are unprecedented. A celebration of sorts of still being able to do some online shopping amidst all these pandemic worries and shutdowns, brands like ArtiPlanto are going the extra mile in cutting down pricing.

The banana tree is a favourite of ours but there are 100s of deals you will be able to find all weekend long.

The demand for artificial plants is very strong. A great mental health booster, it’s an interior decorator’s dream to be able to pick up handcrafted plants like this and place them in households and offices, creating beautiful looks of casual greenery that don’t need to be tended to every day.

See record-low prices on artificial plants. Pick up a banana tree or another fake plant of your choosing. Drop by ArtiPlanto today and bookmark your favourites. If you’re yearning to get a little more greenery into your home, here is how you do it.

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