When is Cyber Monday – this year, it falls on November 30, 2020.

What to expect on Cyber Monday is a very busy day for many, especially around ArtiPlanto’s warehouses.

You may not think this month to be THE month for artificial plants and faux trees but it’s an incredible buying time.

Save a few bucks this Cyber Monday with exclusively faux traveller palm tree deals and more.

What Is A Faux Travellers Palm Tree?

A faux traveller palm tree, also known as a ravenala madagascariensis, is one of the most intelligently designed palm trees there is.

Traveller palm trees are very common houseplants. Interior decorators love them, with their characteristically large fan-like leaves.

The unique thing about travellers palm trees is that they’re more closely related to tropical banana trees than they are a palm. They are not typically grown in North America and are considered a more exotic plant.

Should you grow a real travellers palm tree, you are aiming to produce small white flowers.

Trying to grow a travellers palm tree though takes a lot of work. It needs moist, rich soil. Any exposure to winds could cause tearing in the leaves. It does best in the shade rather than the sun. Guidelines like these can be frustrating to adhere to and try to make work for one’s personal growing situation.

A faux travellers palm tree, however, is advantageous for many reasons. You don’t have the growing challenges of trying to make a tropical plant work in an environment that is anything but tropical.

The best fake plants are those which have a reason to exist. An artificial travellers palm tree is favourited because it’s a tropical plant. Unless you’re in the USDA plant hardiness zones 10 and 11, it’s unlikely you will be able to grow it. This makes finding the right artificial version key.

Are You Looking for Fake Plants on Cyber Monday Deal?

Cyber Monday is a great time to be shopping artificial plants online.

ArtiPlanto will have dozens of discounts, shaving off $100s on trendy plants such as the travellers palm tree and others.

What to expect come Cyber Monday is an easy shopping trip. Stay in. Make it a day! Avoid COVID-19 risks which exist when you one goes browsing malls and retailers on the busiest day of the year.

Cyber Monday deals are great if you’re buying for yourself, an interior designer or interior decorating business, or even as a holiday gift.

In a year where there hasn’t been a lot to enjoy and with so much having been cancelled, cancelling Cyber Monday isn’t something we nor others intend to do.

Put some happiness back into your life. If you love plants and greenery, this is the easiest way to capture the aesthetic and you don’t need to take on any of the daily responsibilities of plant care. A tropical plant like a faux travellers palm tree is an excellent gift even if it’s just to yourself.

Shop Cyber Monday deals and fake plant deals at ArtiPlanto this November. As a preeminent shopping holiday, we’re celebrating with discounts, sales, and ‘free shipping’ coupons on select orders. Visit us today.
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