Do you know the faux plant that is also known as the peace tree? It’s life-like appearance, slender stems and generously distributed fruits make it lush green beauty. Still did not understand which plant we are talking about? 

After the fiddle leaf tree if the next faux plant that is a must have accessory in your home decor scene, when it comes to faux plants is an Olive tree. It's simple yet pristine elegance, helps it to blend into any decor to add a modern flair.Further a faux Olive tree is the best way to brighten any room. It’s majestically long foliage and varied lengths make it a perfect addition when it comes to adopting some greenery.


Whether your home or office space is yearning for a touch of brightness, or a flair of the Mediterranean magic an Olive tree has something to match every space. As the real Olive tree is an inhabitant of the warm temperature zones, once you bring it into your decor scene it brings the same effect despite of which place you live around the world. The olive fruits in comparison to a fig tree which is a never fading trend setter when it comes to faux plants are just a style statement. The leaves of the Olive tree are not too large which helps the plant to make its own mark while highlighting all the aesthetics in your home. 


If you are someone who believes that everything in your decor when it comes to seasonal changes has to strike a chord of symbolism then an Olive tree is a go to faux plant. Why do you ask? The answer is very simple: the faux Olive tree is one in a million such exceptions when it comes to faux plants as it has the ability to strike the perfect balance between a formal and casual look. So while including an Olive tree in your home or office space don’t be afraid to place it in the foyer or centre stage to create a focal point and adding real soil or pairing with elegant and bright coloured pots to compliment the flamboyance of the faux plant. 


If you like change as the weather gets warmer or simply welcome a breath of fresh air in your decor scene? Then an Olive tree is the variation you need to complete whatever kind of decor you have got going. Never be afraid thinking the vibrant faux plant may be too much, because many times the opposite is true when it comes to Olive trees, they set a centre stage and variety is the secret weapon this plant brings with ease to any space.

We hope this article gives you the idea how an Olive tree is the best way to add a Mediterranean touch into any space and how it is a quick fix! Further not a lot of us know it has a charm to create a relaxing, yet creative ambiance. 

Alexandru Popa