Not many of us know, but silk flowers have been around for a long time. But the name is rather confusing in many ways, as “silk” flowers in no way are made from silk. So the next question that may arise is what are silk plants made up of? Synthetic fabrics and cutting edge technology is used to manufacture plants that are beautiful and sometimes extremely attractive than the real flowers. 

Silk flowers are one of the most preferred choices when it comes to decorating a house, office, and special events as they are durable, reasonably priced and allergy-free alternatives it comes to adding greenery or a special touch that can only be achieved by using flowers. Artiplanto has a wide selection of flowers, succulents and so much more! Read on to know more about how these majestic looking silk flowers are a must-have in your decor scene. 


All faux plants that have elegant looking flowers are mostly made out of synthetic fibers which is why they look delicate and sometimes even better than the real ones. To ensure silk flowers are moulded into their beautiful appearance the majority of them are made from cotton or polyester blend fabrics as these materials are durable and do not require too much upkeep. 

However, depending on how pure the material is whether cotton or polyester determines the cost of the silk flowers. The type of material for silk flowers is selected depending on what type of flower it is different color flowers require different materials to mimic the appearance of the real flower. Further some silk flowers may need embellishments or ironing to give the fabric the perfect look like a real flower so in such cases fabrics that have a certain type of texture are picked.  


Although the most popular flowers may be made from plastic where synthetic fabrics cannot be used, silk flowers are one of the most preferred choices for their elegance and beauty. With almost thousands of varieties of silk flowers out there, artiplanto offers a great selection to shop with ease. When manufacturing silk flowers is a very time-consuming process, this is where high-end machines come into play that can make thousands of silk flowers within hours instead of days and months. However, it is all about quality when it comes to silk flowers so although automation is the process used to mass-produce them, there are always strict quality protocols in place to make sure they are manufactured in the best quality. 

Faux silk flowers today have evolved a lot as technology has played a very vital role in their quality standards. When it comes to decorating any space they are the best way to defy seasons as they look flawless with very minimal attention. This is one of the many reasons they are loved by all when it comes to decorating because they allow us to welcome seasonal charm any time of the year and add a natural splash with their never-fading color and ecstatic appearance. 

Alexandru Popa