A lot of us are working from home currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and often in tight spaces.

There are very limited options with what one can do to personalize an office while keeping a professional atmosphere. Artificial plants, fake succulents, and faux flowers are all possible alternatives to what you expect to find in the office.

Succulents are trending in home office design, adding green color with minimal upkeep. An artificial succulent is easy to set up. It doesn’t need any water, light, or special temperature settings. You set it on your desk and you’re good to go.

Why Fake Succulents Are Popular

Faux succulents are having a bit of a moment right now in the world of artificial plants and greenery.

There are more than 300 types of succulents, each in their own size and planter. ArtiPlanto’s collection of fake succulents are perfect for office areas like tabletops, desktops, shelves, and dark spots in the room.

As we mentioned, a fake plant doesn’t need to be taken care of. All in all, you get the appearance of the real thing without any of the hassle. Our designers craft by hand down to millimetres of detail on every artificial plant.

Where You Can Put An Artificial Succulent in an Office

  • For artistically-minded work-from-home people, create a terrarium-inspired planter complete with a fake succulent, rocks, and any other materials that speak to you.
  • Shelves that are empty or missing something to really make them stand out are perfect for decorative accents like a faux succulent.
  • Home office workers love having a faux succulent on their tabletop. Workspaces are notoriously stress-ridden, especially at home when you may have kids, a spouse, or roommates puttering around. Relax yourself with a tabletop artificial succulent nested safely on a tabletop.
  • Desktop indoor plants are the most common in an office. You can catch the eye with textures, color, and artistry. The natural design of a faux plant means you get that but without the bugs or the responsibilities of having to water it regularly.
  • Try using indoor faux succulents at different heights. Adding some props to position succulents can be an interesting experiment. Especially if you have some unused floor space, a mix of silk succulents can elevate the room and look luxurious.
  • Create a succulent garden by mixing different fake succulents together in the same planter. A sequence of colorful succulents can add interest to any home office and provide an escape away from the productivity-focused, stressful day-to-day.
  • Gather multiple artificial succulents together, each in their own planter. In a minimalist style, set these apart by a few inches on a desktop or tabletop. This accentuates a conference table or home office desk with ease and is lovely when stationed on overly large surfaces.
There’s just something about ArtiPlanto fake succulents. They go together with home offices splendidly. If you are serious about creating interesting moments in an office interior design, decorating with one or more succulents makes great use of available space. Even in tight work settings, there’s always room for a fake succulent. Get yours today.
andrew lu