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Article: What to Buy for Prime Day 2020 – A Faux Plant Deal You Can’t Pass Up!

What to Buy for Prime Day 2020 – A Faux Plant Deal You Can’t Pass Up!
prime day 2020

What to Buy for Prime Day 2020 – A Faux Plant Deal You Can’t Pass Up!

Prime Day 2020 arrives on October 13-14. Come this Tuesday, millions of deals will go online.

Shopping for the best savings, there are seemingly an endless amount of eCommerce sites to browse.

What’s sure is that for faux plants and artificial plants, there’s only one name to remember – ArtiPlanto.

Why Shop with ArtiPlanto

When you shop with ArtiPlanto, you don’t need any subscription or membership. Discounts are available to everyone in Canada and the US.

You can pre-shop today, select your favourite artificial plants, and then when Prime Day hits, you’re ready to check out!

ArtiPlanto Prime Week deals knock off $100s from the price tag of faux plants. Featuring handcrafted designs from Montreal and New York, top sellers include artificial fiddle leaf trees, artificial spathiphyllum potted plants, Bird of Paradise, palm trees, artificial olive trees, and more.

You’ll also find several planters on Prime Day sale. There are braided planters held in minimalist-inspired stands, white bamboo floor planters, seagrass planters, and eco-friendly sustainably-made bamboo planters.

If you’re stuck working from home due to COVID-19 and have had to create a makeshift home office, add to the décor with tabletop plants. The beauty about this category of faux plant is they’re easy to incorporate almost anywhere. Sure, we’re talking home offices but tabletop artificial plants can fit into kitchens, dining rooms, on shelves, in bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

A homeowner or designer looking to fill a larger space with artificial plants may want to try browsing boxwood topiary deals on Prime Day.

Boxwood topiaries are suited to outdoor spaces, on backyard decks or front yard patios, and inside in larger areas. There’s so much form and movement incorporated into the design of boxwood topiary plants. They’re impressive to look at and the fact that they’re artificial means there’s no upkeep involved.

Use Prime Day to Buy You and Yours A Gift

Fake plants are not only a cost-effective way to decorate but they can make for great gifts. Christmas is just around the corner.

This fall, there are still people moving into new homes, apartments, and condos. There are all sorts of uses of faux plants. The world’s bursting with opportunities to combine creativity and trends in design.

This fall and winter, we don’t know what’s ahead. There could be another shutdown. Unfortunately, more of us could be spending more time indoors than we prefer. Don’t wait to spend on yourself or others for Christmas and the season. Prime Day’s the time.

This October, check out our catalogue of faux plants and see what resonates with your preferences. Add a touch of nature to your space without having to water and care for your plants.

We love the look of plants at ArtiPlanto. We want to share that with our customers. Drop by for Prime Day and see the deals of a lifetime! No green thumb needed. Change things up with the season, decorate, and never have to commit yourself to caring for a living plant. This Prime Day will be our biggest yet! Come and celebrate the occasion with us!

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