Orchid lovers unite! There are dozens of orchid species, each one as astoundingly beautiful as every other.

Orchids are a surprisingly diverse bunch. Some are grown in hot, tropical environments. Other orchids thrive on the coldest mountains in the world.

An exotic plant, each has its unique characteristics not only in appearance but its functioning as well.

Unfortunately, with all types of orchids, they’re high-maintenance plants. Fortunately, there are artificial orchids that require no upkeep but which still have all the realistic, lifelike beauty of the real thing.

Vanda Orchids

Vanda orchids are an intricate variety. They have dazzlingly electric blooms and are native to tropical Asia. They are difficult to grow in other climates. Fortunately, an artificial vanda orchid works anywhere. No maintenance, no TLC. It always looks colorful, bloomy, and authentically natural.

Cattleya Orchids

Cattleya orchids enchant and are quite popular. Large, vibrant flowers are what immediately catches the eye. They also have natural-looking streaks of color and are considered a very romantic orchid. Cattleyas are commonly referred to as ‘Queen of the Orchids’.

Cymbidium Orchids

When it comes to artificial plants for weddings and wedding décor, cymbidium orchids are a must-have. Tiny, small blossoms are on these yellow-greenish orchids. They’re almost always tall, elegant, and slender.

Anthurium Orchids

Anthurium orchids have a distinct shape and unique petals. With its characteristic fiery red, orange, and pink, anthuriums are one of the world’s longest blooming plants and an amazing-looking faux orchid.

Dancing Lady Orchids

Separating the differences between orchids, the Dancing Lady has delicate blossoms with lots of texture. Featuring yellow and/or pink hues, there’s plenty of greenery on this type of orchid which is also known as ‘oncidium’ and ‘tiger orchids’.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

The Phalaenopsis is the ‘Moth Orchid’ with an insect-like design. Always stunning, it’s a fun handcrafted design that you can mold according to the shape you want. Artificial orchids like these are featured in hotels, restaurants, spas, and offices around the world, and are a first-choice for many interior decorators.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobiums are one of the easiest real flowers to care for and are a go-to in both home and garden décor. In the form of a faux orchid plant, this is a great all-purpose flower that comes in an array of shapes and colors. The name ‘dendrobium’ translates to ‘the one who lives on a tree’.

Is A Fake Orchid Worth Buying?

Even the varieties of orchids that aren’t particularly difficult to grow, there’s only a certain window wherein they look their best. It comes quickly and then it’s gone. All that work for such a short window.

Artificial orchids, like other silk plants, look their best 24/7 regardless of exposure to light, temperature, climate, or water. If you like a plant that doesn’t come with a laundry list of responsibilities and with a dash of inevitable disappointment, a fake orchid is the choice for you.

Faux orchids never fail. They will always provide you an everlasting beauty you can always rely on. Find exquisite premium-made artificial orchids and other fake plants for your home or office from ArtiPlanto. Our design team is second to none and these plants are some of their best. Colorful orchids in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Find the one that speaks to you.
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