Artificial plants haven’t always had the best of reputations and that’s in large part due to the once-unrealistic look of them. They came off as try-hard, tacky, and just plain fake – though not the case anymore.

Faux plants have made a comeback in interior design and home décor in a big way. From millennials to the minimalism-obsessed, artificial plants have been a go-to for those seeking comfort, greenery, and beauty in the home.

When we’re talking fake plants for home décor, the first thing you’ll notice browsing a plant catalogue is how realistic they look. Artificial plants have gone the route of being much more realistic and to such a degree that even a gardener couldn’t inherently tell the difference by appearance alone.

This year, the number of gardeners in North America has soared. Interest in gardening has increased and when combined with the pandemic forcing a lot of people to remain at home, millions of new gardeners have set forth on building an outdoor garden. Unfortunately, indoors is another story. Plants don’t tend to survive well indoors and to change that requires a lot of expense, time, and commitment.

Enter in faux plants. They act as a reminder of spring and summer gardens, in addition to communicating greenness inside. When you purchase a premium-made fake plant from a company such as ArtiPlanto, what you receive is a product that was designed to look realistic. Few people accept cheap, plastic-looking faux plants. If you’re going to do faux, do it right.

Premium-made artificial plants aren’t a struggle to take care of. You place them and nothing more is needed. They’re common in home offices, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Perhaps a large part of why faux plants are so trendy in home décor is due to adaptability and their promise that they will essentially live forever no matter how much they’re neglected.

There are also so many varieties of faux plants available. Find literally hundreds of home décor artificial plants available. You can customize your home décor in ways that aren’t possible with real plants. Needless to say, there’s a lot you can do with artificial plants in home décor and they’re a great gift on top of it for anyone who’s moving into a new place or who loves the appearance of greenery.

No one made the rule you can’t mix artificial plants with real plants, either. A lot of very experienced home décor experts love this trend because it gives you the chance to craft arrangements that bring you the best of both worlds – the low-effort requirement of fake plants with the smells of the real thing. For this, many choose easy-to-care-for real plants and more abstract, hard-to-find artificial plants to really give the home some life.

Faux plant sections are growing at stores like IKEA, Walmart, and others. For the absolute best plants, however, find them online. Searching sites like ArtiPlanto, choose from your favourites. Thrilled with the home décor trend of faux plants, we’re happy to stand out as the top name in premium-made artificial plants. Visit ArtiPlanto today.

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