Every day, rugs sit in rooms often unacknowledged as the most impactful element of any interior design arrangement.

We use rugs for a plethora of reasons in home design. There are also many questions that come when purchasing a rug, such as where to place a rug, its size and texture, how it will be used, and the impact it will have on a room’s overall aesthetic.

Here are some tips for rugs that hopefully provide a glimpse into how they can be used to maximize the interior design of a given space.

Find a Rug That’s the Right Size

A rug should go beyond the edges of the furniture. Any rug that’s too small to do this should be disregarded. A small rug that isn’t doing its job will make a space look tight and uneven and awkward. Before selecting a rug, always have your measurements ready to ensure you are receiving the right sized rug.

The Best Rug Material For Your Home

Rugs can be made from many different materials. Wool is popular, natural, and would be the better recommendation. While wool is expensive due to its natural characteristics, there are synthetics that are cheaper but lesser quality. Nothing beats real, hand-woven wool.

Using the Same Rug in Multiple Rooms

Some homeowners and interior designers choose to tie a home’s theme together by using premium rugs in multiples either in the same room or in multiple rooms. You can do this. A recommendation we might make is to vary the pattern or color slightly if you go room-to-room. This adds interest and creates a variance between rooms. You don’t want your living room resembling a bedroom or vice versa.

A Rug Warms A Space in All the Best Ways

When you buy rugs online, it can feel impersonal not being there to feel and see the carpet in person. The big accomplishment of an area rug is that it warms and finishes a space. Rugs can soften hard surfaces like wood and tile, and in some ways make a house feel like a home. Impersonal interior design can be impacted in a very positive way through the right rug.

You Don’t Have to Have Your Rug An Identical Color

Your room likely already has some design elements present. Your rug doesn’t have to match identically to the colors already there. Doing so can give the room a feel of artificiality. If you’re uncertain about how to use color, it’s best to go minimal than to take a chance you’re not confident in. Ideally, look at using a similar hue.

Consider Other Elements in Choosing A Rug

An indoor rug doesn’t exist independently of the other elements in the room. Keep in mind your wall paint, other fabrics in the room, your existing flooring, and furniture. The perfect look is coordinated. It doesn’t happen by accident.

A rug makes for a beautiful addition to any home. If you don’t have carpeting, a rug adds personality to a space that may be otherwise bare and cold. Find the perfect rug for your household at ArtiPlanto.
Alexandru Popa