Debunking Common Myths Around Indoor Plants in the Office

Office plant myths are unfortunately very prevalent among beginning interior designers. Overlooked by some, when it comes to indoor office plants, there are assumptions made. Best practices on how to care for indoor plants shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In this article, we take a look at common myths surrounding indoor plants and office plants. Fortunately, as you’ll come to see, there are a lot of easy fixes to navigate away from these mistakes.

Myth 1 – Plants Need Water Daily

Every plant is different. As a new indoor plant owner, you understandably don’t want to under-water or overwater your new friend. Feel the soil. If it’s not moist, add water. Research what a plant needs water-wise weekly.

Myth 2 – A Plant Will Grow Bigger in a Larger Pot

Indoor plants should be assigned a pot or container appropriate to their size. Just because they are placed in a larger-than-necessary pot does not mean the root structure will spur further growth. Avoid re-potting your plants often. Choose a pot and stick with it.

Myth 3 – Indoor Plants Do Not Need Any Special Attention

Even the best indoor plants require sunlight, water, and air to survive. These are crucial to maintaining office plants and keeping them looking their best. Too little and they’ll die, and too much and they’ll die. You need to get the environment just right.

Myth 4 – Succulent Plants Do Not Need Water

The only greenery that don’t need to be watered are artificial plants. The trickiest part about succulents is knowing when and how much to water them. Like any plant, a succulent needs a soaking every once in a while. If the soil is fully dry, you know it’s time.

Myth 5 – Yellow Leaves Means You’ve Overwatered Your Plant

A plant’s leaves turn yellow for several reasons. As a plant ages, leaves will turn yellow as they reach the end of their life cycle. This can also happen if your plant isn’t getting enough nutrients from the roots. Also yes, in some cases, yellow leaves can stem from under-watering or overwatering. Be sure to consider how you’re maintaining your plant in trying to find a solution.

Myth 6 – Real Plants Are Better For Offices Than Artificial Plants

When you have a faux plant for your office, you avoid all of these troubles. An artificial plant doesn’t require any sort of TLC and will always look its best, whether that’s today, next month, or a year from now. To save you all the hassles of caring for the real thing, a faux plant might be worth buying.

Myth 7 – You Can Make Leaves Shiny By Applying Dairy Products On Them

This is surprisingly common. We all want our office plants to look in tip-top shape. Some apply products like mayonnaise or milk to make the leaves appear shinier. It doesn’t work, however. Above that, it also causes a terrible smell to occupy the room. What you’ll be left with are gummied, dust-attracting leaves and more pests swarming to get to them.

It’s no walk in the park taking care of indoor plants. Make it easy on yourself by shopping for artificial plants at ArtiPlanto, the experts in office interior design and faux greenery. Premium-crafted indoor faux plants from us care for themselves. No intervention needed. Fill your office today.

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